Understanding NDA exam patterns in a better way

22 Sep 2015

Understanding NDA exam patterns in a better way

These days, there are many youngsters who are eager to compete in the NDA examination to try their luck and to have an interesting and rewarding career. Before trying to apply for it, there is a need on the part of the candidate to check out the eligibility criteria for appearing such exams, the kind of question papers that are set, to practice and prepare properly, so that they stand a chance at qualifying it and to beat competition.

Essential information

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To get admission in NDAS, the candidate has to compete in an Entrance Examination that is held twice a year. Generally, such examinations do take place during the month of September and April every year. NDA is known to have three major wings namely the Navy, Air Force and the Army.

Joining the army

The Indian Army has been stated to be a destination where opportunities simply never stop. The candidate person can make his skill set to be updated. This exam does provide the candidate with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Science or Arts, once training gets over. By joining the technical team, the candidate then moves on to undergo graduation and then post graduation to get an engineering degree from the very best institution in the country. To get selected for Defence Service Staff College Program, the candidate is given the chance to complete M.Sc. degree in Strategic Studies and Defence. Major subjects are covered beginning from medicine to engineering, armament and management, etc. The candidate does have limitless options to choose from.

Joining the Air Force

Candidates eager to join the Indian Air Force Academy is required inform the same beforehand. This is because they are checked in aptitude pilot battery test. During the training, the cadets get trained and prepared adequately. Hence, while filling up the form, the candidate is to specify as to which wing he is eager to avail. But the final decision would be taken only on evaluating the examinations as well as the scores obtained from it. The exam is held every year once during October-November and April-May period.

Joining the Army

The candidate needs to have a 10+2 examination certificate for joining the army or something that is equivalent.

Exam question papers

The exam question papers are said to comprise of several objective type ones in General Ability of about 600 marks and Maths of 300 marks.

Preparing for the tough examination

Since it is a tough examination and there is huge number of competitors trying to occupy the less competitive posts, it would be necessary to study day in and out and to have the right strategy. One should begin studying right from the time of filling up the examination form. Joining reputed institutions do give them an upper hand over the other competitors, especially those who do not do the same.