Availing CTET coaching tips

06 Oct 2015

Availing CTET coaching tips

It was in June 2011, that CTET was started by the CBSE Board. This exam is conducted every year since then to check if candidates have the potentiality to become a teacher or not. Therefore, the category on pedagogy and child development has become quite crucial in this examination. Hence, being a CTET aspirant, the candidate needs to prepare properly and thoroughly for Paper 1 and 2 and pay attention to child development & pedagogy. Since it is a highly competitive exam, where candidates in thousands tend to appear for it, to have a lucrative career in the field of teaching, there is a need for the person to avail the best ctet coaching in rohini that would help him/her to qualify the exam and to make their dream come true.

Knowing the syllabus

What the candidate has to understand is that he/she needs to know understand the syllabus that is covered in the exam. There are many times, when the candidates fail to get to know the exact syllabus for the exam and study those, which are simply useless. This is not only waste of precious time, but also loss of energy and determination. When the candidate realizes the fact a bit late, he/she is sure to lose focus and would not be able to succeed in this competitive examination. It would be essential to know the exact syllabus well in advance, so as to start studying right from the word ‘go’. This is where the best coaching centers tend to assist the person to groom and be mentally prepared to face the challenging and tough examination.

The different subjects covered under CTET exam

The syllabus brought out by CBSE clearly outlines the various areas of study that one has to cover with regards to studying for CTET Examination. The areas are as follows:

  • Theories of intelligence: It is necessary to know the theories that are known to improve human understanding and intelligence.
  • Theories related to child development: As aspiring teacher, the candidate is to be knowledge with regards to each and every aspect of child growth and overall development. The theories which concern the aspects do have plenty of significance in the examination. One should not neglect it at all.
  • Learning theories: Learning and teaching are said to be the coin’s same sides. By knowing how small children get to learn can be the very essence of a teacher. Knowing the theories better can help the candidate to facilitate learning.
  • Intelligence Testing: Trying to assess something which is abstract like that of intelligence does require special techniques and methodologies. Intelligence assessment techniques are being worked upon by researchers for years together. The teacher needs to be aware about the student’s intellectual potentiality.
  • Personality testing: The teacher needs to have appropriate knowledge of human personality. This is very much important as it is the candidate who on becoming a teacher would guide and motivate students to have a bright career.

Therefore, having knowledge of the above can help the candidate to be better prepared for the exam.