Probationary Officer in Banking Sector: A Respectful Designation

30 Oct 2015

Probationary Officer in Banking Sector: A Respectful Designation

In recent days, Indian job market is filled up with Probationary officer vacancies in Banks. Those, who apply for Bank PO’s, are not completely aware of the roles and responsibilities of Bank PO. This article will tell all about Bank PO.

It is the primary level of recruiting bank officers. The basic qualities the banking sector looks in the aspirants are the ability to solve problems, and excellent communication in English along with local language. Normally, the profile will be administrating the bank, general banking and any responsibilities assigned by senior management. Till the completion of the probationary period, the PO’s are advised to do anything related to the banking industry.

At the initial stage of the confirmation of the Bank PO, the candidate is given Assistant Bank Manager Designation. He/She can be posted in any state across the country. The main task is to handle loans team, the finance division and the mortgage of the bank. Additionally, in some of the branches, handling customer’s complaints can also be their roles. A customer complaint includes inconsistency in the bank account, issues regarding the services and lot more. With certain years of experience as PO, they might be put into planning, marketing the schemes, investment management, distributing loans etc.

Career as a Probationary officer is really a unique experience and needs a lot of dedication to crack the PO exams. Several Bank PO coaching institutes in Delhi offer excellent training to the aspirants. Bank PO examination undergoes two divisions, i.e. Preliminary and Mains. Based on the Preliminary score, candidates will be shortlisted to appear in Main examination. Preliminary is for 100 marks whereas Main is conducted for 200 marks.

The shortlisted candidate for Bank PO in India undergoes probation period of 2 years where they are trained and allocated some definite task. The PO’s are normally Assistant Managers, as they are at junior level. Any graduates and post graduates can apply the Bank PO.

Every bank depends on the customers and their service. It is the foremost thing for successful establishment. Usually, junior PO’s will be asked to take care of customer, who needs to open accounts, deposits. Banks should also bring new business as they deal with customer directly; promote various products or schemes like insurance policies, credit cards, mutual funds and lot more. In some cases, it may require to travel to various places because a bank doesn’t hire separate marketing executives. Here, there is no pressure but deadline exists.

Banking sector choose any of the IT firms as their clients if they need any software or application required to be developed to enhance customer service. All these interactions should be managed by the PO’s. They will also be asked to generate reports that comprise of withdrawals, deposits, ledger payments, etc. Officers will be trained on the software utilized by banking sector like loading ATM machines with cash and keep track on that.

Bank PO is very respectable position in banking sector. As a result, several coaching institutes in India are helping students to gain traction on the opportunities.