Hotel Management, an Aspiring Career Across the Globe

02 Nov 2015

Hotel Management, an Aspiring Career Across the Globe

Hotel management is a professional course offering various degree programs. It includes courses from desk to facility and finance maintenance. As an academic and professional program, it is offered at various colleges and universities. Few institutes might also provide a doctoral degree in Hotel management.

When it comes to career, a graduation in Hotel Management offers an excellent job opportunity, as the selected candidates are provided with accommodation and various other facilities. It allows the students to graduate professionally and excel themselves across the globe. Overall, the courses offered show that it’s an aspiring career.

Many hotel management institutes offer various courses on hotel management to students across the country, with quality training. Here are the areas of study in hotel management:

  • Certificates in Hospitality Management
  • Diplomas in Hospitality Management
  • Degrees in Hotel Management
  • Degree Integrated
  • MBS in Hotel management and tourism.

Some of the common hotel management courses are listed below:

  1. Handling customer relationship course
  2. Food and beverage course
  3. Hospitality accounting and finance course
  4. Technology for the hospitality industry course
  5. Hotel marketing course
  6. Law and hospitality course

Managing customer relationship course: This course helps to manage customers or clients relationship because they understand the required strategies. It is essential to satisfy the customer’s demand as there is variation in the organization objective, structure and culture. This course comprises of consumer behaviour expectations, loyalty, guest satisfaction, effective communication and service quality. Usually, the course is taken at the beginning of the under graduation program.

Beverage and Food: The challenges faced during the production of large food are discussed here. The course teaches the student to undergo various types of services like the kitchen, dining room, purchasing, cost controls and many more. Information related to current industry trends are often thought by guest lecturers as they bear world experiences.

Finance and Accounting: During the course of study, individuals cultivate the accounting and financial process involved in a hotel operation. They are trained with the basic concept, to enhance decision making. Understanding income and cash flow statements, and balance sheets can easily be handled by the student once they graduate. These topics are common for both graduates and undergraduates.

Hotel Marketing: It’s all about identifying how to increase the revenue of the company by marketing campaigns. Online marketing, public relation, segmentation, advertising, marketing principles are the topics that come under hotel marketing. In addition, it also teaches how information technology and the internet affect the business objective.

Hotel Technology: The software programs and computer system used in hospitals and its functionality will be deliberated here. Students learn about management information and how technology can influence the change in hotel management. Individuals go through different kinds of market research techniques. It includes testimonials, focus groups, interviews and survey models. The technologies they cover are e-marketing, e-commerce and digital information.

Law and Hospitality: To manage hotel operation, basic knowledge of its rules and regulation is necessary. Students have to examine the legal aspects of the hotel and guest relationship, beverage and food operation, franchise and employee agreements. These are trained at the graduation level. It also includes negotiations, employee and employer relation, arbitration and media.

Well, you need to prepare thoroughly for the entrance test as admission is based on entrance test and interviews. Looking at the competition in the field, it has become essential to join one of the reputed hotel management coaching centres in Rohini for the right guidance.