Career as a Bank Probationary Officer (PO)

15 Dec 2015

Career as a Bank Probationary Officer (PO)

Because of the financial crises of the late 2000s, careers in banking went into in a severe slouch, it became impossible to find a new employment or even sustain making it difficult to find employment or sustain your current job in this field. The worst of the crisis has passed and now according to most experts it is one of the most lucrative careers. Making things even better is the fact that many financial institutions and banks will be doing “catch up” hiring, to make up for the years when they did no hiring at all and had cut down resources’. So the coming next few years look extremely favorable for the students who are planning to make their career as bank PO officers.

The banks conduct exams for the following cadres:

  1. Bank Probationary Officers (PO)
  2. Bank Clerks or Probationary Clerks
  3. Bank Specialist Officers (SO)

Career as a Bank Probationary Officer (PO):

A P.O. post is the entry to the most desirable managerial positions in the banking industry. A Probationary Officer’s starts as a trainee officer in the Junior Management Grade Service of the bank and can rise to the highest grades of the bank with his/her dedication towards the job and becoming a General Manager, a Director or its even possible to be the Chairman of the Bank.

Bank PO’s position is seen with incredible respect in the society as it secures a lifelong opportunity to grow and offers a secured job, one can prosper and serve the society in a senior and responsible position in the entire Banking industry availing all the benefits. And, therefore, every Bank P.O. Exam attracts lacs of talented graduates, post-graduates to compete for a few hundred or thousand vacancies notified by the banks and for the same there are Bank, PO coaching institutes in Rohini. 

Career as a Bank Clerk : 

A young person who is joining as a bank as a clerk-cum-cashier in the clerical division of the bank has the opportunity to start as early as at the age of 18 years. A bank clerk has benefits of job security, challenging work environment, and chance to strengthen customer relation skills, using best available technology and gains experience working to learn under worthy senior managers.

Clerk gets the chance of life-long learning in Finance, Banking & Management and other areas of his choice through various national level institutions especially set up for Bankers’ education. One should not be surprised to see many senior staffs in most of the branches of various banks that had joined the bank in the clerical grade.

Career as a Bank Specialist Officer (SO):

Banks also conduct recruitment exams for Specialist Officers grade to fill their finance & marketing, legal, human resources, computer systems and other departments which are open to candidates having necessary professional qualifications in engineering, computers, chartered accountancy, law or a degree.

Skills required As a Probation Officer

Probation officers must be able to listen to and communicate effectively with others, interpreting their moods and reactions and how to tackle them.

Time management – They must also learn how to successfully manage their own time and teach others about the importance of time management.

It’s important that probation officers should build relationships with community groups and other businesses that might be beneficial for their probationers. They must often encourage and assist their clients.