Want to know the demand of career in computer jobs? And best opportunities for advancement once you finish your studies?

19 Dec 2015

Want to know the demand of career in computer jobs? And best opportunities for advancement once you finish your studies?

Computers are everywhere. They have become a part of our modern life, as new applications are introduced every day the more and more our dependence on them is growing. The use of computer based technologies is also a routine in all types of organizations weather it is in research, academics, and any other industry, or government institution, private and business organizations. The potential for computer-related careers will continue to grow as computers become even more pervasive this will ensure that career paths in computer-related fields will become more diverse.

There are 7 categories into which career opportunities for computer science graduates can be classified:

  • telecommunications and networking
  • programming and software development,
  • information systems operation and management,
  • Computer science research, web and Internet, graphics and multimedia, training and support,
  • Computer industry specialists.

Computer Science Careers

  • Computer architecture
  • Algorithms expert
  • Language programmer

Degree programs in computer science are offered at the bachelor’s, masters and doctoral levels. Candidates pursuing these degrees study topics such as modeling, robotics, artificial intelligence, security and Internet systems, etc.

A degree in computer science leads to numerous career options. Those who have obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree may go on to work as systems analysts, database administrators, computer programmers and testers while those with post graduate degrees may go for computer research and development or programming.

Some careers require additional formal training or study, and experience working in the field. For example, an MCA degree is helpful to management consultants. MCA short for Master of Computer Applications is a post-graduate course enriches an individual’s career prospects in the software and IT sector. Masters in Computers give students access to state-of-the-art equipments and also a wider platform to experiment, helping them learn and achieve in an interactive way. It has been considered a necessity for most professionals who have completed a BCA and desire a fulfilling career in Information Technology Sector.

Students who have computer degrees can opt for wide variety of careers. These include computer engineering, computer science and information technology. Computer science careers cover many different topics, such as programming languages, codes, database management and algorithms.

There are other options as well like Computer engineering careers, these are geared towards testing different digital software and inspection of computer equipment, hardware etc. the details of curriculum can include electronic and analog circuits, audio engineering and digital communications. Students can prepare for their entrance exams by joining coaching institute in rohini by searching for MCA coaching in Rohini. Programs in this field focus on computer-related needs for different companies.

Who are these?

Systems analyst is a person who Determines needs of the organization and designs programs to meet them. This person acts as a problem solver who specializes in how information flows from source to computers.
Systems consultant Works under agreement to install or configure hardware or software, write or customize programs, or otherwise help solve information processing problems for any company.
Software engineer is the one who Designs and develops complex computer programs as part of a software development team.
Systems programmer Designs and writes programs that interface with a computer’s low-level operating system, such as device drivers and utilities.
Database analyst usually creates and Designs programs used to collect, maintain, and analyze data needed by business, government, or other institutions.
Artificial Intelligence programmer plays a vital role as he applies principles of artificial intelligence to design and implement systems that perform complex tasks.

There are other career options as well if one opts for computers as major subject.