An Overview of Hotel Management Course

29 Jan 2016

An Overview of Hotel Management Course

Hotel management is a course catering to training of professionals in the hospitality industry. With globalization, this industry is throwing open millions of job opportunities. New hotels are coming up in metros and smaller cities and growth is commensurate with the growth of the Indian economy.

Some of the types of hotel management roles are as follows:

  • Restaurant and hotel management
  • Hospital catering and administration
  • Cruise ship hospitality management
  • Hotel and tourism association
  • Airline cabin and catering services
  • Forest lodge management
  • Guest house management
  • Club management

Jobs in hospitality management are based on the training and experience of the candidate. But those aspiring for middle level and top level management need to get a degree in hotel management. Some hotels recruit fresh graduates from colleges and provide them training. But some hotels hire only hotel management graduates.

Hotel management degree and diploma is offered by many institutes in India. For degree course, most institutes conduct entrance exams. The minimum qualification for such an exam is usually 50% marks in 10 plus two. For excelling in entrance exams, you need to enrol in hotel management coaching institute in Delhi for the right guidance.

The candidates of hotel management need to have following skills: reasoning, communication, pleasant personality, numerical aptitude and poise. One must also be prepared to multi-task like serving in accounts, front office, sales and marketing etc. when the job demands.

Hotel management degree course is usually expensive but depends on the institute. Charges are in the range from Rs. 35,000 to over Rs.4 lakh per semester. The course is, usually, of 3 years or 4 years.

Remuneration for fresh hotel management graduates ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. Demand for hotel management graduates is much more than supply, so trained professionals can claim high remuneration. Large international chains offer very attractive packages to employees.

Like any other career, hotel management too has a flip side. For one, the jobs in the industry rise or fall in number depending on the state of the economy. Secondly, when new jobs come, old personnel are forced to retire or diverted to other roles. Also, being a hotel professional requires lots of poise and cool to deal effectively with unpleasant situations like irate guests.