How to Make a Career in Law?


How to Make a Career in Law?

Law is one of the most respected and reputed careers in India since many years. Gone are the days when the career was associated with shabby courtrooms and long black robes. Today, lawyers operate in swanky buildings in corporate sector, media and public sector and make a packet, equivalent to the most paying professions in the country.

Apart from the increased glamour of the job, law also offers the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to society. After taking a degree in law, one can join a consulting firm or a multinational company, be a member of legal cell of public and private companies, global corporate or audit firms, etc.

Earlier, specialization in this field was restricted to civil and criminal law. But in the modern world, law professionals have a variety of opportunities like environmental law, corporate law, patent law, etc. A law degree does not restrict one to the courts but opens the door to administrative services, legal consultancy and corporate management.

Aspirants to a career in law can either do a 3-year course after graduation or a five year course after 10 plus two. The five year course is becoming more popular nowadays. The LLB course is the basic degree. One can specialize in any field of law after taking masters, M.Phil or PhD. These qualifications also prepare one for an academic career in law.

Candidates for law degree need to start preparing early for entrance exams for law. The most prestigious exam for entrance to five year course is the CLAT (Combined Law Admission Test). This tests the student’s grasp over Legal Aptitude, General English, Logical Skills, and General Awareness. It will be good if you enrol in law entrance coaching in Delhi for the best guidance.

How to judge if law is the career for you? The career requires lots of logical skills and patience. To make a success of a career in law, one must be dedicated and hardworking. It is better if one begins the career working under a senior counsel. A lawyer needs a sharp, analytical and logical mind and great communication skills.