Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CLAT

05 Mar 2016

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CLAT

Preparing for entrance exams can get really exhaustive. Law studies in the last few years have seen a high rise in the number of aspirants, and hence, it becomes all the more difficult to stand out from the others. Here are some tips to ace the CLAT entrance and make a mark.

Solve the sample papers – Try and attempt as many sample papers from last year that you can. You will get triple benefit from this – you might get similar questions having a chance of reoccurrence. You get to evaluate yourself, and with each question, you can set yourself a time limit. These three things will help you in your written entrance examination.

Stay up to date with the current affairs – Any entrance examination will ask questions about the current events in the country, the knowledge of which helps in the corporate world. Attempt to keep yourself updated with newspapers, magazines, online news portals, etc. An updated bank of knowledge will go a long way, especially in the law field.

Enrol in a coaching centre – Without prior coaching, it is unlikely that you will manage admission into a reputed institute. Self-study can help you, but a coaching centre will hone your self studies. The CLAT entrance exam coaching in Delhi is a good gateway to a reputed institute.

Study material and books – Ask the seniors to prescribe you elective books and gather as much study material as you can. This should include matter on the current affairs and general knowledge too. Once you are done with the syllabus for the entrance, you can have a glimpse at the other sections too.

Prepare your own notes – Books and previous papers are the ocean of knowledge. You should read them but not live on them. With their help, make your own notes in words, which will be easier for you to remember. Writing notes is by far the best ways to remember all you need to.

With these basic tips in mind, CLAT will not seem impossible and the competition will not feel too fierce. So start all the preparations right away!