Make your fashioning designing ambitions a reality

08 Apr 2016

Make your fashioning designing ambitions a reality

Fashion designing is an art that most people are born with. Those who wish to pursue their career in this field need guidance as to the best ways they can incorporate modern techniques in designing in their creative ideas and create stunning outcomes. The National Institution of Fashion Technology is a premier teaching institution in this field and the competition to be able to get into it is incredible. Thousands of aspirants try their luck and that is why those of you who are interested should look into a number of training details while they select their NIFT entrance exam coaching institute in Delhi. The important topics to be covered are:

  • Drawing and design foundation
  • Creative Ability Test
  • General Ability test
  • Visual thinking using image editor and drawing software
  • Info about other premier institutes’ entrance exams as a bonus (such as IAM, SID-FD, MIT-FD, Pearl and Shrishti)
  • Workshop experience
  • Test Series

A comprehensive course including all these topics will give ample exposure and opportunities to creative students to hone their skills, which will not only help them with the entrance exam clearance but also help them in their fashion designing career in future. Training given by experienced people in this field matters a lot as well as the individual attention each student received. If you look at the topics covered in the course, you will realise the importance of ample number of training and practical experience while undergoing this course. Under General Ability Test, for example, students are coached on a wide variety of topics such as Quantitative Math, English Comprehension and Communication, Analytical Reasoning, and GK. Visual thinking include training in digital software and creation of 3D models that help them understand creating patterns, shapes and effects in an in-depth manner. The creative ability subject covers topics such as observation and perception, mental ability, using textual and visual methods to communicate their ideas and other such interesting topics.

Emphasis is laid on students understanding the theories and concepts as much as possible because that is when they can implement it in real life. The beauty of this course is that although the fundamentals remain the same, the outcomes vary from student to student because creative ideas are never identical in two students.