Get a Career in Commerce: Pursue BBA

03 May 2016

Get a Career in Commerce: Pursue BBA

The commerce stream is one of the most highly opted for streams in Indian schools today. Gone are the days when science used to be the hot favourite among the students and commerce was considered to be a secondary option With courses like BBA, MBA, B. Com and CA, there is no other course that a student would consider before these that promise a very successful career in future for them. Here are some of the primary advantages that one can avail when they opt for commerce as their field of study:

Business becomes your forte

With subjects like accountancy, economics and business administration in your course, there is no doubt that you would become a maestro of business. You can go for start-ups, innovative new jobs like the jobs in HR department and so much more. Commerce is concentrated to the field of making fine leaders, who know how to head a company and how to make it function. At the end of the day, the game is all about the tactics.

Great pay

Commerce is one field that ensures you a great pay once you get into the working line. The better the college, the higher paying is the job. It is all about the curriculum that your college follows and usually the ones at top have great teaching line-up. So do all you can to land up in a great college like taking up the best BBA coaching in Delhi or going for the top most institute for Chartered Accountancy.

A great career graph

When you are pursuing commerce, the career graph goes higher and higher, whether it is finance or management field. You work among some of the best people and you get to be the part of the growth of an industry.

The final verdict therefore is that commerce is no longer something you can take lightly. It is a field chosen by some of the smartest brains in India and you can be one of them too. However, the hard work and determination required are all the same, irrespective of what your field of study is.