IELTS- Your ticket to study abroad

11 May 2016

IELTS- Your ticket to study abroad

International Language Testing System; commonly known as IELTS, is the most demanded exam when it comes to the selection of students for studying abroad. It is a mandatory test that students need to appear, for foreign universities to consider their admission application. This exam tests the proficiency of a candidate in the English language. Language testing is logical and needs to be done as the medium of education in almost all foreign universities is English. Almost all developed countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia accept IELTS score for admissions in their universities.

IDP and British Council are the two main institutions to conduct the exam in India. All relevant information about the exam and enrollment details can be found on their official website. Both the institutes are located in Delhi. Many students opt for coaching before taking the real test. There are many IELTS coaching center in Delhi. Coaching classes surely help you gain an understanding of how the exam is going to be, so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

A pattern of the Exam

As IELTS is a test of your proficiency in the English language; you are tested on the basis of your listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. The entire test is divided in four parts and you are marked on a scale of 0-9 in each section. You get a time of 60 minutes in the reading and writing section. Reading section has 3 passages and a total of 40 questions for you to answer and writing section has 2 questions and you have to attempt both. The listening section is of 40 minutes and is divided in 4 subsections with 10 questions each. Last but not the least; the speaking section goes on for about 11-14 minutes, it is an interaction with the examiner and he judges you on the basis of your conversation.

Cost of the exam

It costs Rs. 9900/- to register for this exam. It is conducted on pre-decided days in a year. There is no maximum number of attempts to appear in IELTS. However, you should avoid taking the exam too many times as it spoils your impression in front of the university considering your admission. The result is declared as early as 13 days after taking the exam