4 Best Reasons to become an IAS and Its true Value

16 Sep 2016

4 Best Reasons to become an IAS and Its true Value

IAS, the moment the word comes in our mind, we take a step back as it looks to us as the most difficult entrance exam, but is one job I believe is best in India. It provides opportunities to serve in key positions and leadership in government. India is a welfare-oriented and developing nation, And IAS are involved in the formulation and implementation of national policies, which gives an IAS officer ample opportunity of innovating, problem-solving, and bringing ideas to life. Moreover, professional growth in IAS is rapid; also IAS officers being generalists get an opportunity to serve in various departments of government, this rapid professional growth and variety of assignments are necessary for high job satisfaction.

Read on to find what all reasons you have to become an IAS:-

Toughest Exam: The difficulty level of this exam makes it so powerful that you can earn lot of respect if you clear the exam. Even after giving so many attempts some of the brightest students are not able to clear it or crack it. It is the difficulty level which makes IAS entrance the most challenging one among the other entrances in India. You need to take proper IAS entrance coaching if you want to clear this exam. It requires sobriety, high thinking Power and bravery from the Globe for some years.

Power: In India Value of Human Status is much more than a Wealth and Money you have. You must be earning millions of rupees and you have poor or no network then you can be hard-pressed or disgraced at any time. It is sad to say but Corruption exists and India is not a corruption-free country. You can’t live happily if you only have money; you need good networking with some top-level peoples. And from here only you achieve status. Being an IAS you will be having both respect and good network.  The funny part here is only the red light on the roof of the car makes many people give IAS exam. Once you have cleared IAS entrance after taking necessary coaching and you become an IAS, no one is above you, not even any politician, and they cannot stop you if you want a transfer. The fact is that not even the State government can take any action against you without permission of MHRD i.e. Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Money: It’s a fact that IAS Officers become corrupt to earn millions but they lose their own Self Respect and dignity. Salary of an IAS officer is not bad at all and you even get top-notch facilities like housing, Vehicles and traveling & telephone allowances which make it even bigger and better.

Parents Dream: Nowadays if you see the Market value of IAS is so high that almost 70% of Indian Parents want their children to clear IAS entrance and interview. It is such a big thing that as soon you crack the IAS the enemies or relatives who never use to talk to you or give you any value will become your best friend or will want to be constantly in your touch immediately. Even if you are the US or UK return or you have studied in any reputed university you will not be able to achieve this high respect and honor once you become IAS. It doesn’t matter even if you are from India’s smallest town or Village.

Last but not least the prestige and pride associated with IAS also is a reason why you should join this.