Careers in the Fashion Industry: Where to look for opportunities

29 Sep 2016

Careers in the Fashion Industry: Where to look for opportunities

Finding a place for you in the fashion industry may be daunting. It’s a highly competitive world where sassy strategists and cool creative have to work together to stay abreast with rapidly changing trends and a demanding & challenging audience who are spoilt for choice. That being said, the fashion industry can be very alluring to creative, young, inventive university graduates whose love for fashion careers is only pushed forward by their determination to leave their mark on it. In this article, you’ll learn how and where you can look for opportunities.

Look for a fashion internship

The best place to learn practically is with an internship. Nothing beats real-world experience even if you’ve studied something fashion-related. You must be totally okay with starting from scratch. A fashion internship guarantees to round off your textbook knowledge and giving you practical exposure along with the development of your skills. In addition to all this, an internship could land you a permanent position as it serves as an extended job interview.

Big fish in small ponds

Not all of us can become Manish Malhotra or Reena Dhaka but the most important lesson to learn is that there are many more role players in this industry than Fashion TV and Vogue. The smaller players who have restricted budgets often offer opportunities where you’ll get a platform to learn more, gain more knowledge and experience, and receive more recognition. Fashion start-ups because of their cost considerations greatly rely on interns, and since these companies are still developing and finding their feet, your work can be easily recognized and inputs can carry double the value.

Be there online

When it comes to any industry today, the most important place where you should be is online. Use blogger networks, search engines, and social media websites to keep tabs on fashion platforms domestically and internationally. Most companies will have a link to their “jobs” page. There are many portals that exclusively have jobs from the fashion industry. Make a habit of checking the internet regularly, and be actively involved in contests, etc. Also, apply as soon as something comes up. Just highlight your strengths and mention clearly how they will benefit the company.

I hope this has given you an idea as to where to look for opportunities in the fashion industry…Do look forward to our next article which will talk about “How to make the most of an opportunity in the fashion industry.”