Careers in Fashion Industry – How to make the most of an opportunity- part 2

30 Sep 2016

Careers in Fashion Industry – How to make the most of an opportunity- part 2

We Promised you that we will be back with part 2 – How to make most of an opportunity in the fashion industry. In our previous article, we learned about the fashion industry and where you can find opportunities whereas in this article we will let you know what all you can do.

Keep a track of skills gained

It is for any job opportunity – the most important thing is to have a positive mindset – even if you have been allotted with monotonous tasks or feeling overworked. It will be great if you write down every time you learn something new, make notes or master a skill. You’d be surprised to see how quickly your CV is accepted in the industry.

Identify your dream fashion career – what you want to be & where you see yourself.

One of the most productive things you should do is to identify your dream job and concentrate on what you would need to know to be able to reach there. Of course, it could take years to gain that kind of knowledge & experience, but it makes professional life a lot easier and also help you to make career decisions and decide your next step.

Don’t be afraid to ask

In this fashion industry one lesson you should quickly learn and that is – asking to do something is the easiest way to evolve yourself. Sometimes especially in start-ups you have to do multi-tasking and for the same, you require to be vocal so it’s better to ask someone than to do it wrong. Finding a guide or mentor in the industry is also a way in which you can gain knowledge and learn things other than those mentioned in your job description.

What all careers you can choose after fashion designing

There are numerous fields to choose from. You could be a celebrity stylist, in a fashion editorial board, stylish, quality control analyst, a consultant for advertisement commercials, an apparel or accessory designer, a merchandiser, product designer, etc and the list the doesn’t end here. This is the later part first you have to clear entrance exam and for the same, you have taken coaching for fashion designing entrance from a professional institute.

What can a fashion degree do for you?

It promises success glamour, fame, and a high salary package to the talented people who are dedicated and work with originality or you can even start your own and be an entrepreneur. So, if you can make magic with colors, styles, designs and different shapes, then a professional course, to begin with, will surely help you in building a successful career in the alluring and glamorous world of fashion designing.