5 Time Management Tips For Entrance Exam Preparation

03 Oct 2016

5 Time Management Tips For Entrance Exam Preparation

Time management is one of the most important part of any entrance preparation. Usually, many students take time as their enemy because they think that their focus should not be distracted from board exams and thus start preparing a little too late in a haphazard manner, this causes too much stress & pressure. Without proper time management tricks, even rigorous studying will not be of any benefit because you won’t be able to complete your topics in sync with the amount of time you are left with.

Time Management Tips:

Now when you are determined to manage your time you should consider ways to do it properly and effectively. Many students get excited when they make a timetable for themselves, which is why they end up setting huge goals. They don’t even know the length and depth of the topic. They think it can be done theoretically; practically it may be extremely difficult. Therefore, you should be aware of how to manage your time sensibly. We have come up with a few useful time management tips to help you out:

1. Organize

The organizing schedule will help clear things up for you. It removes pressure and gives you control over time and effort. We suggest you to at-least start at least a year in advance and organize your time for the day, for the weeks, and for the month and finally for the year. When you do this, you will have a clear picture of how much you can dedicate to various activities and how much time you have. Take control of time and situation and do not let things control or pressurize you!

2. Track

To start with, keep a track of your time for a few days. How much time you devote to studies? How much time do you spend doing other activities? How much time do you spend in sleeping? This practice will remove the belief of I study all the time and I have to be a bookworm to clear entrance from your mind because tracking will make things clear. You may have this belief that you are doing the best you can but when you put it on paper in front of you, it will give you a realization that you are wasting more time than you should.

3. Prioritize

Time management is all about being sensible while using time. The clock is ticking and a student has to prioritize the topic. Incorporate all your daily activities in your time table so that you know what all topics will eat away more time. Now, dig deeper into the subjects and examine the time required for each topic in the time you allocate for studies. For example, if a topic is a difficult one, dedicate more time to it. If you are confident about a topic then devote less time to it. Just pieces of advice do not skip any topic during preparation.

4. Schedule

Now when you know in detail the depth of topics then is the time to prepare a detailed timetable based on your research. Based on the factors discussed, create a neat time schedule with all the activities that you plan. Remember to include eating time, sleep time, entertainment and break time, refreshing time, and so on. More the clarity, the better it will be for you.

Do not get over-excited and over-ambitious. Always make time for entertainment and socializing because too much studying will not make you aware of the trend and will make you less efficient. Regardless of how tensed you are, taking breaks will help your brain to refresh. It is important to be very practical and logical here.

5. Review ad coaching

A great way to keep reviewing topics is through revision. These review notes will help you when you have to quickly read them. Usually, students neglect the importance of coaching for entrance exams. These exams check your aptitude and it cannot be developed overnight. So try and get yourself enrolled in a good coaching institute that can turn your dreams into reality.