Career Path of an IAS Officer – Part 2

06 Oct 2016

Career Path of an IAS Officer – Part 2

Junior Administrative Grade in short form is known as JAG officers and they usually get Rs 7600 as grade pay in the scale of Rs 15,600-Rs 39,100 as per the trend. After 9 years of service, An IAS is promoted to this scale. They for their public service get two additional increments.

After serving 2 to 3 years as the ADM In any district, a post of District Magistrate or Collector is offered. The collector looks after the law and order and development of the district. The post has power, wide visibility, and stature.

Few selected officers are posted as a Joint Secretary of a ministry of the state. The Joint Secretary is not at all a small designation rather holds a lot of respect and a very important position to hold.

Selection Grade after 12 years of service the officer once again gets two extra increments before being promoted to the next higher pay scale, Selection Grade (Rs. 37,400-67,000 with GP 8700). He or She may be able to become a Special Secretary of a Government department or remain a DM in the district.

Super Time Scale after 16 years of service An IAS gets Super Time Scale which is Rs. 37,400-67,000 with GP 10000. The post given to them is of Secretary of a department of a State Government or Additional Secretary. He may also become a divisional commissioner in a field posting.

Higher Administrative Grade With the selection in Higher Administrative Grade or HAG, an officer is entitled to the officer to draw a basic in the scale of Rs.67000 to 79000. An officer should have an experience of 25 years to go to this position.

In states, an IAS of this grade can become a Principle Secretary of a department. If the officer works in the Government of India, then the rank will be of an Additional Secretary.

Apex Scale what is an apex scale…it is for a service of 30years i.e. An officer with a minimum experience of 30 years is eligible to get the Apex scale that means the fixed basic salary of Rs. 80,000. The Central Government Secretaries of various departments get this scale. The Chief Secretary of a state also gets the same pay scale.

Cabinet Secretary Scale if we talk about the highest position then the Cabinet Secretary is the highest position of a government for any employee in India. You will always find one Cabinet Secretary in the Central Government. As per the scale, he draws a fixed basic pay of Rs. 90,000.

On deputation, an IAS officer can go to the Central Government from the states also. Also, there are many autonomous bodies and PSU where most of the IAS officers get deputation postings. These PSU postings are a great career booster and can be immensely satisfying as the IAS officer gets an opportunity of running a professional organization from the sky-scraping managerial positions. This battle continues between IAS and other Group A services when it comes to sharing such postings.

IAS officers are also eligible for some foreign deputations. There are various financial organizations like IMF, World Bank, ADB UNO who offer deputation vacancies to IAS officers for foreign deputation and postings. Even NGOs with worldwide reputations like Ford Foundation or Red Cross also require the expertise of the IAS officers. The foreign deputations are very lucrative due to high pay packages.