Career in Jewelry designing

07 Oct 2016

Career in Jewelry designing

What happens when your creative skills of a designer, the highly skilled artisan and knowledge of precious stones and metals? Try to guess the profession …we are talking about?
Earlier it was related to only highly skilled artisans and no other person preferred to enter this business. It was assumed as status symbols and indicators of the owner’s prosperity and wealth. You guessed it right. We are discussing it…Jewelry designing as a career.

Jewelry designing, manufacturing, and trading has been an important part of human society for five thousand years and more. And our country is world-famous for its jewelry and jewelry designs since the olden period.

Jewelry Designing is also a Fashion statement or you can say an indicator of whom and what you are. In this context, different senses and different personalities of style have revolutionized the authentic and traditional gold Jewelry and added modern touch to the specifications and taste of the new era.

To enter this field first one has to clear the entrance examination. Nothing comes cheap and nothing comes handy. Students who are really in this field or want to be a part of this field have to be open to learning all the time. This is the only way they can learn. Creativity lies everywhere, in nature…in your surroundings. You need to think out of the box to get into such fields. Many reputed colleges offer this as a special course and nowadays students are very keen on jewelry designers. Look for an institute which has proved to be a facilitator par excellence for the student fraternity and their guardians.

For centuries, the art of making Jewelry has been the monopoly of traditional goldsmiths who have inherited the expertise from their ancestors and have played the role of both designer and manufacturer. During those days, Jewelry designing as a career had been limited to the goldsmiths and one could learn this profession only by becoming a probationer to an experienced jeweler. But today with such advancements explosion in the fashion and accessories arena, the field is becoming a moneymaking, career which offers an effervescent future for those who are fascinated by gems and Jewelry. A new variety of jewelry designers and professionals like gem appraisers are in great demand with the emerging market for branded ornaments.

Nowadays, Jewelry manufacturing firms use computer-aided design software’s in order to avoid flaws during the designing process and to facilitate product design. CAD not only permits and gives liberty to the designer to create a virtual-reality model of a piece of Jewelry which looks amazing but also shows how to modify precious stone or try out an altogether new and different setting and have a look at the changes on a computer screen before drilling, grinding or cutting a stone or performing other expensive steps on jewelry, on the other hand, a technique called as CAM helps in the speedy and comfortable manufacturing of many pieces of the same design.

Once you have completed your course for Jewelry designing from any reputed institute, there will be plenty of opportunities in both the public and private sectors. There are government departments such as Antique Houses, Museums, Mines and many more which are on constant lookout of freshers to get their projects done. Many filmmakers look for freshers from campuses to have jewelry designers for making larger than life movies with big budgets.

So, now when you know in detail about this career better find the best coaching institute for jewelry designing which can prepare you for the entrance.