Why I want to become a teacher…

25 Oct 2016

Why I want to become a teacher…

Teaching as a profession is more than just a job. It’s an ever-surprising mixture of exhausting hard work and blissful successes, both big and small matters. People who want to be a teacher are in it for more than just a timely paycheck. They keep their energy levels high by concentrating on why they opted for teaching as a career. Below are the top five reasons why you should consider this a s a promising career and find a classroom of your own.

To be a teacher you should be full of passion towards teaching and open to challenges which will help change world’s way of thinking into positive thinking. Teachers are the ones who guide and show the correct path to students and it is the best way to change people’s perception.

Teaching as a profession

It’s PRACTICALLY impossible to be bored or feel stagnant with a job as demanding as teaching. Your mind is constantly occupied in inventing creative ways as you work towards solving a large number of daily problems that you’ve never really faced before. In my opinion teachers are lifelong learners who appreciate the opportunity to grow and evolve. Besides, the innocence of your students will keep you occupied as their activities will remind you to smile through even the most annoying moments.

Anybody who plans to enter teaching only for a lighter schedule or easy target free lifestyle will be immediately disappointed and will feel monotonous. But, there are certain benefits of working at a school. First & foremost, if your children are attending school in the same school where you are working, you will all have hell lot of benefits like fee rebate, the same days off etc. Also, you are entitled for approximately two months paid leave per year for summer vacation.

The best thing that you bring to the classroom every day is your own knowledge & a unique personality. However teachers must use their qualities to lead, inspire, and motivate their students. And when the job really gets tough, it’s only your experience and sense of humor that can keep you moving forward.

Teaching as an opportunity

The world is always in need of teachers. If you are ready to work hard and put heart and soul in any sort of environment, you’ll see to it that you can easily get work – even as a fresher teacher. Learn about your industry and about your trade, earn your credentials, nurture your knowledge, and relax as no one can stop you from having a job.

Mostly teachers find themselves as uplifted and encouraged by the little joys that come with working with children. You’ll laugh at or cherish the silly & funny things they say or do or questions they ask, and the stories they make when in trouble. Usually all teachers have a box of keepsakes that students have given them through the years – key chains, cards, drawings etc. The laughter, smiles and hugs will keep you going.

I am sure now you want to know how you can become a teacher. Read on our next post to know the eligibility criteria. Write in comments below if you want some specific information.