Consulting as a Career

18 Nov 2016

Consulting as a Career

Raise your hands if you are consultant or want to be one..For those of you who are too embarrassed to put your hands up when asked, I can completely understand this dilemma. Consultants have got a bad reputation especially among businesses in the past few years, at times for good reason. The word consultant casts a wide net of thoughts about what is the role of a consultant. Everything from producing long ppts, to attending meetings to validating the people who hire them consultant job though is not an easy one. However, if you ask anybody people can rarely tell you accurately or precisely what it is that a consultant does.

That feels a little odd to me sometimes. Still, here I am.

People dislike consultants just for the reason that they have to shell out money to get advise on those problems which their employees or regular staff was not capable to solve. Personally I’ve always tried to stretch my limits and go beyond the consulting process and deliver productive work i.e. a good amount of the doing bit, but later as I’ve progressed, I discovered that sort of eagerness to please can shoot you right in your face. When you deliver something which is tangible – or in layman words ‘visibles’ – all of the invisible hard-work and effort that went in getting it to execution gets somewhat invalidated. You don’t get credit for that rather nobody even notices it.

Clients always want more and more out of you. They never let you be…no or a little bit research and more and more ground work is expected from us. A very good consultant friend of mine once shared with me, “Never ever take contract for execution. If you do the backend work as well as the execution, the client will never realize the amount of effort that goes in to derive end result.” But because I am in love with my work I ignored her advice at my own risk.

However, even with all of its difficulties and frustrations, consulting is good money, a nice variety of work and a flexible schedule. And most importantly I’ve also realized that clients will listen to with all their ears open, an external consultant’s advice over their own internal staff. It might feel odd to them but this is our job and we get hired to do it.

But the thing about consulting that I really adore is that it is a very flexible job. There is lot of passion in it. You get paid a good amount to bring in a fresh perspective to the lame processes and that has some sort of experience behind it, and most importantly you are not stuck to one place. You can pack up anytime and leave and head to your home cum office, where there isn’t any politics involved, no rules and regulations, no dress code.  Wao, you can be yourself.. You don’t even have to change out of that T-shirt with the stain on it. There’s nobody there to snap you on your dressing.

I love client meeting days also because I get to interact with people and enjoy their energy.

So, to specify the things I love about consulting:

  • flexible schedule
  • income
  • variety of (mostly interesting) work
  • positive relationships with clients (you get paid for your perspective, so they tend to listen)
  • my office is child & pet-friendly

I have always preferred working alone. For the simple reason that from my experience I realized, the cultures of most companies don’t quite meet up to the ideal team environment and so frictions do exist.

So, Now when you know in detail what consultant does so the next step is to understand how to be a consultant. For this, you have to give entrance exams and pursue management studies. You can look for the Best coaching Institute near your area.

So for all the lovely consultants who are disliked by the clients, just keep doing the good work and everything will be ok. Let me know in the comments section below what your love/hate relationship is with your work.