How To Prepare General Knowledge (GK)

17 Mar 2017

How To Prepare General Knowledge (GK)

Students preparing for entrance exams for UG entrances or government jobs or for admissions in various courses in India or abroad, majorly questions comes from General Knowledge (GK). The basis for extra importance of GK topics and questions is that it will not only help you to score good marks in lesser time but it will also assist you to perform well in Interviews and Group Discussions.

Usually most of the candidates take General awareness lightly not realizing that how major it can be in competitive exams. This blog provides you important and effective tips on “How To Prepare GK”.

Major Areas Covered Under This Are:

General Knowledge syllabus is very vast though if one can start his preparation in a proper planned mode and focus on all the topics mentioned below in an organized manner, we can assure you that you will be easily able to solve more than 90% of the questions asked over in GK section of the Question papers of different competitive exams. Below are important topics which are covered under GK section Questions are:

  1. Physical Geography
  2. Indian and World Geography
  3. Indian and World History
  4. International Organizations
  5. Everyday Science
  6. Awards and Honors
  7. Indian Economy
  8. Indian Polity
  9. Constitution
  10. Current Affairs
  11. Other Miscellaneous GK
  12. Current Affairs

How To Prepare General Knowledge

We are listing few important and some useful tips for preparing general knowledge for competitive entrances

  1. Read Newspapers regularly
  • “Old is Gold” this we all know that, same factor is applicable here as well. We have to inculcate the habit of reading newspapers regularly. If you got time then I’ll surely recommend you to study more than one paper especially one business paper.
  • It will be better if you study one paper related to economics, and other of English. Some useful news papers are Hindustan Times, “The Times of India”, “Business Standard”, “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph” etc.
  • Going through newspapers regularly can make life simple in grasping General Knowledge. We all are aware of the fact that staying updated is always a good idea, as it will make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.
  1. Must Watch debates & Current affairs special programs on News channels
  • Usually very few students like this but watching the news channel daily is a good option to keep one updated, you can watch special programs arousing interest in this section.
  • You must watch news programs related to current scenario at least once a day. You need to choose up an appropriate time so that your studies are also not affected to watch any favorite news channel of yours.
  • You can watch CNN, BBC, ABP News, NDTV, Zee News, Times Now, ET Now, etc. Try to go through all the highlighted and breaking news, and develop a habit to watch regularly.
  1. Notes for Exam
  • Always try to make notes of what you think is important in terms of examination perspective so that important record is maintained for the big day of exam day.
  • If you have zeal to learn something, Always try to pen down important and key points as it is going to help you to learn and remember it in a better way.
  • As we are all aware that a lot of activities are taking place in the nation and all across the globe, so one should understand that it is not easy to memorize everything.
  1. Internet
  • YouTube, Google, and Wikipedia are our best teachers online, so one must use all the available internet sources to research GK and current affairs for entrance examinations.
  • So you can also join our coaching classes where in we help you memorize current affairs.
  • If you are living alone and don’t want to bear expense of newspapers then you can simply read newspapers online as well.
  • You can always join online groups on facebook and other social networking websites of Current affairs to keep yourself updated
  1. Read Magazines / Books thoroughly
  • VariousGK Magazines/ books are always a good option to have the knowledge quickly and
  • There are lot of good publications that focus on latest matters and general Information. You have to purchase it from your regional journal supplier, and start studying it thoroughly.
  • Some of the useful magazines are Manorma and Pratiyogita Darpan  etc.
  • Try to study sports and business magazines too along with a common one. This will increase your chances of cracking the aggressive entrances with ease.
  1. Participate as much as you can in Online Quizzes
  • You must get occupied in some free online mock exams that are available on the internet for self-evaluation.
  • It will also offer you assurance as an added aspect.

 Why to Prepare for General Knowledge

As we are all aware that most of the competitive exams have section of Current Affairs and General Knowledge questions such as SSC, CLAT, NDA, IAS, RRB, Bank & various others and students usually feel great difficulty in scoring good marks in it.In this blog we have discussed what can be the tips to memorize GK.

“General Knowledge” and “Current Affairs” inherits many subjects from sports, economy, or knowledge of politics, or even industrial relations etc.

For sure general knowledge preparation may make you feel boring, monotonous but you should always try to find ways to make it interesting and enriching as it will groom your personality. If you are updated you can easily crack GD as well. You will have points to talk on and the presence of mind and effective strategy will help you turn your way to success.

In case if you still feel you want to know more on any particular topic then do write us in comments below.