Why choose Hospitality Management?

19 May 2017

Why choose Hospitality Management?

The hospitality industry is a very competitive industry and, therefore, it got some advantages and disadvantages. As there are many people who want to or prefer to work in this sector, the demand for the course is quite high. It is a creative field especially for students who think out of the box but are not great fans of designing. Rather prefer to function in the PR department opt for the course. There are many areas in hotel management, depending on what area you Want to go to. For example, you may want to be part of the domestic service or inspection of hotels, kitchen or want to join as a spa manager, etc

Another advantage is the flexibility to work in a hotel. One cannot completely ignore the Mobility part as well. The situation is best to work with a hotel chain with hotels in different locations. If you wish to travel or want to grow up and move every few years to live a new destination, this is the industry for you. But for this, you first need to study the course called hotel & hospitality management and take necessary training. After clearing the entrance, you can find a job in a good hotel and if they have multiple branches then they can transfer you after a few years elsewhere in India or abroad. People who work with large hotel chains usually take transfers to different places so they can enjoy their lives.

Many jobs in the hotel and hospitality industry also offer flexible hours, as you have shifted here. You can choose morning, afternoon or night shift. For some people, this is a blessing, while others may find it as frustrating and annoying as it results in health problems. As a senior manager, you will have the flexibility to choose your shifts and will have standard working hours. But if you work in a restaurant, at the reception, cooking or cleaning, you can expect different shift timings.

So we suggest you to first analyze what is your passion and then make a decision. If you are confused so better give a career selector test to at-least understand whether your skillset is suitable for the role or not. And if need be taken classes to polish your skills and go for your dream career.