Liberal Studies

Liberal studies consist of an interdisciplinary examination of subjects related to the humanities, arts and sciences. As a liberal studies student, you will deepen your knowledge in these different areas, often learning to synthesize what you learn into a coherent whole that serves your life goals. You will also learn to communicate effectively, understand and respect a variety of cultures and become more aware of yourself. Extensive liberal studies training can lead to a variety of careers that meet your interests.

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Undergraduate programs in liberal studies and liberal arts include elective and basic courses in a variety of subjects, including history, cultural studies, art, philosophy, religion, literature and natural sciences. In general, the goal of a liberal studies program is a solid and basic foundation of knowledge and skills that support a variety of careers and interests. Some programs allow you to develop your own path of courses based on your interests, while others offer concentrations in areas such as early education or the performing arts.

Skills developed

In a liberal studies curriculum, he sharpens his reading and writing skills by completing research papers. He also practices the verbalization of his ideas through classroom discussions and learns to develop multiple perspectives. Other skills developed include:

  • Critical and analytical thinking.
  • Effective communication
  • Reasoning and problem solving.

Career Prospects

  • Public Relations
  • International Business
  • Business Analyst
  • Journalism
  • Creating Writing
  • Political Analyst
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Non Government Organisations

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Course Details

Specialization Subjects
Liberal & Cultural Studies Marketing & Advertising Public Administration Finance Journalism & New Media
International Studies Foreign Language Marketing Business Administration Environmental Studies
International Business Economic Human Resources Mass Media Entrepreneurship
Mathematics Event Management Psychology Social Studies Film & TV
Career Options available
Editor Journalist Publicist Copywriter
Speech Writer Museum Manager Legislative Assistant Archivist
Creative Writer Grant Writer Anchorperson Politician
Lobbyist Policy Analyst Minister College Recruiter
Public Relations Personnel Training Specialist Social Services Human Relations Officer Entry-level Management Personnel
Colleges with Admissions based on Entrance Exam
Exam Selection Process & Test Pattern and No. of Questions Tentative Schedule & Remarks
SLS (PDPU) Time: 90 mins + 30 mins Timing: 10:00 to 1:00 pm Mode: Pen & Paper GK-40, Verbal Ability-20, Quantitative Ability-20 Logical Reasoning-20 Total Questions (100) Form Out: 1st week of April Last Date: 4th week of May Test Date: 4th week of May Negative Marking: NIL Marks: 125 Forms Available: Online
JSAT (Jindal School of Liberal Arts) Verbal Ability-40 Logical Reasoning-40 Maths (Quantitative)-40 Total Questions (100) Form Out: 1st week of Dec. Last Date: Last week of May Test Date: Variable from February to May Negative Marking: NIL Marks: 120 Forms Available: Online
ASHOKA Time: 2 Hours Mode : NA General Aptitude Test-NA Essay-NA Followed by a Personal Interview Form Out: 2nd week of October Last Date: 2nd week of June Test Date: Multiple dates as per application Negative Marking: NA Marks: NA Forms Available: Online
SET (Symbiosis Univ. Pune) Tiime: 2.5 Hours Mode: Pen & Paper General English-40 Quantitative-40 General Awareness-40 Analytical & Logical Reasoning-30 Total Questions (100) Form Out: 2nd week of Feb. Last Date: 2nd week of April Test Date: 1st week of May Negative Marking: NIL Marks: 150 Forms Available: Online
FEAT (FLAME Uni. Pune) Time: 2 Hours Mode: Pen & Paper Verbal Ability-40 Reasoning-20 Quantitative-20 G.K.-20 Total Questions-20 Followed by GD/PI & SOP Form Out: 2nd week of December Last Date: Mid May Test Date: Mid Dec to Mid May Negative Marking: NIL Marks: 140 Forms Available: Online
IILM University Gurgaon Own test Form Out: Jan Last Date: April Neg. Marking: NA Forms Available: Online/Offline
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