If you are an aspiring teacher, can you relate to the following?

01 Oct 2015

If you are an aspiring teacher, can you relate to the following?

For anyone aspiring to become a teacher, it is essential for them to investigate what qualities make for a good teacher. The characteristics of a good teacher are many, which help them in doing their job better. Of course, every teacher has his/her own distinct blend of such qualities but regardless of the natural qualities, every good teacher should possess the following qualities.

  1. Passion for Teaching:

There are many ways in which this passion manifests itself. The passion for teaching is easy to know. While few teachers show their passion through the way they teach in the classroom, others are not very expressive about their love for their job. The notice has to be smart enough to observe and notice the passion.

  1. Love for Children:

Unless there is love for the child, you will not feel the need to see them successful. This quality is overlooked by most people but is one of the most important ones if you want to make teaching your career. Teachers, without a doubt, love teaching their favorite subjects but very few show love towards their students. Using fear to manage students is the easiest way to out but this way you don’t earn respect from your pupils. To earn respect, offer them much love.

  1. Love the subject you are teaching:

You can’t excel in something you don’t love. By excel we mean the excelling of your students. Isn’t it amazing to observe a physics or math teacher taking his/her class with so much passion, even when you do not understand the concepts? Love the subject and make your students fall in love with it.

  1. Don’t consider school as a mere institution:
    School is much beyond the holding the different classes and teaching subjects the syllabus just for the sake of finishing it. It is also the place you spend the better part of your life. School a place for growth, a place for finding the identity of your pupil, exploring their joys. Learning and teaching take place beyond the walls of a classroom. The two can happen even on the playing field, or the coffee shop.
  2. Initiative to change:
    As a teacher, you cannot expect the student to change for the better without your willingness to change according to their needs and perspectives.
  3. Good organizational skills:
    Yes, it is difficult to organize what you in future will call a “fish market”. You will probably struggle with organizing that stubborn bunch of students but with time and proper planning you can. Have an organized way of taking classes, which not only makes your job easier but also helps the student adapt to the routine.
  1. Humility, lots of humility:

Few things about us cannot be noticed by us but only by others. Humility is one of them. It is a universally loved trait in everybody. Do not let your ego come in between you and your students. As a matter of fact, the classroom teaching is a mutual process. You learn from the students as much as they learn from you.