A bit of hard work to smoothen your life

23 Nov 2015

A bit of hard work to smoothen your life

National Institute of Fashion Technology is a dream comes true for aspiring fashion designers. But it is not easy to enter the gate. One has to go through a rigorous process of studying to crack the entrance examination. In addition, if one has guidance from a proper coaching center, preparing for the examination becomes easier.

We all know that practice is the key to success. In case of any competitive examination, studying hard also needs a regular practice. NIFT examination is also not an exception. One has to work really hard to crack this entrance examination. A good coaching center can help and guide one aspirant to prepare and crack the exam successfully.

There are some basic needs to fulfill if one wants to be successful in the examination. If someone is looking for a good Nift coaching center in Delhi, then he/ she must take into note that the coaching center should have the best qualities and way of guidance.

One has to go through regular newspapers and online sites to gather General knowledge and Current Affairs, which are key parts of the question pattern. If one takes guidance from a proper coaching center, then they will compile all the general knowledge facts for you and you can go through them. You do not have to compile it on your own.

Choose a coaching center which will help one in improving one’s ability to sketch. This is the most important thing. How to give detailing to a human figure, how to make your line more bold is the thing that you should master in.

A good coaching center will also provide a proper guidance in calligraphy skills while making a poster or a banner.

The competitive entrance examination also includes General Aptitude Test. This includes

Quantitative ability: It consists of questions on addition, multiplication, division, fractions, rate of interest, ratio of percentage and other basic mathematics knowledge.

Communication ability: This is for testing the language ability of the aspiring candidates. Basic English knowledge like synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases are needed for passing this portion of the question paper. The most important thing is correct spellings.

Analytical ability: This portion of the paper depends purely on basic logic and common sense. The logical ability of the candidate is tested here.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs is the most important section in the entire question paper. It tests about how attentive a candidate is about the current situation and the things happening around them.

Case study: This is also a very important thing. It tests the candidates if they have managerial ability in them or not.

This is not the entire thing. If you pass the written examination, there is a next level of Group Discussion. After that, one has to sit for a personal interview to qualify finally.

Getting through a competitive examination is not a very easy job. But once you get through, life become easy. Hard work for a few months can bring happiness for the entire life.