A Step Closer To Your Foreign Education Dreams: TOEFL

26 Oct 2015

A Step Closer To Your Foreign Education Dreams: TOEFL

Just as Steven Spielberg is the God when it comes to making movies, similarly TOEFL is the God when it comes to English proficiency examinations. It is basically an English proficiency examination taken by non native English speakers, who wish to take admission in an American University for their graduation. It is up to the student to choose whether they want to take the computer-based examination or the paper-based examination. The level of the test is extremely high and without thorough study and practice, it is impossible to make it through. That is the main reason why some students take up to coaching in

However, a determined mind can fetch whatever one dreams of. All that is needed is a perfect guidance on how to study and what to study. Here are some pro tips to contribute to your preparation:

  • Start With The Basics

There is a lot more to TOEFL than just mere English. While the reading section tests how attentively you grasp the information, the listening section focuses on checking how concentrated and focused your senses are on what’s being said. Therefore, a little meditation every day will be a good start to keep you focused.

  • Know All That You Should

TOEFL does not really have a syllabus. Anything and everything that concerns the language English is a part of TOEFL by default. Therefore, do not take anything lightly and ignore no topics. You ought to cover the A to Z of this vast language.

  • Take Help From Someone More Experienced

TOEFL will be nothing like your 12th grade examination. You’re going to need a lot of help even if you’re a pro at English. However, the ICSE board students hold some advantage when it comes to English since their English skills are better than the students of other boards. In case you are facing a lot of trouble, try joining a coaching class to get your doubts solved. For students based in India, there is TOEFL entrance examination coaching in Delhi.

  • It’s Demanding But It’s Worth It

TOEFL is one of those examinations that test your patience time and again. It demands a lot of time, efforts, dedication and thorough study. There are days when one feels like giving up. In such times, just go by Swami Vivekananda’s motto “Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached”. And even after all this, the success isn’t guaranteed. Not everyone makes it in the first attempt. If you really want to make it, there is really no harm in making a second attempt.

  • It Is No Rocket Science

Exactly! It is just English. If so many people could do it so can you. Just don’t ever let yourself feel uninspired. Giving up is not an option. Fighting until you get your goal is. As it is said, half the path is already covered when you believe in the fact that you can do it.

Discipline, determination and patience are very important for anyone preparing for the TOEFL. It doesn’t come easy because it is worth taking pains for.