Be the Master of All Trades If UGC NET Is Your Next Stop

26 Oct 2015

Be the Master of All Trades If UGC NET Is Your Next Stop

For all those who aspire to make their career in the field of higher education and the posts of assistant professors, UGC NET is going to be the obstacle you will have to tackle before you can realize your dream. This is one of those examinations which tolerate no shortcuts. You need to be the Jack of all trades and also the master of them all as the examination has some questions from almost all the fields of study.

To begin with, you need to keep your basics strong and your general knowledge updated. Be well versed with the current events and happenings too. Make newspaper your best friend for the few months that you study for UGC NET.

To help you get a better idea of it, here are some tips to go by:

  • Know What The Examiner Wants

The major hack in studying for UGC is studying the syllabus from the examiner’s point of view. For instance, if you were the examiner and you had to set the paper, what topics would you pick up? Study accordingly and you will save yourself from the trouble of covering the useless topics.

  • Sample Papers Are A Must

If you keep solving sample papers and the papers from the previous examinations, you will get a good deal of idea about UGC NET and the kind of questions that are asked in that examination. Also, you will be able to mind the timing well, which will be a great help for you during the examination and you won’t end up leaving any questions if your timing is well practiced.

  • Work On Your Speed

You are not provided with enough time to complete all the questions in your paper. Therefore, it is really important that you manage the timing well. Save some time on the multiple choice questions during the paper and put them to use in other sections. If that works, you will not end up missing any questions without attempting.

  • Become A Voracious Reader

There is nothing that improves your skills like reading. With such a vast syllabus, it is impossible to cram up everything therefore it is advisable to read and note down all the points that you find legit. Do not pass through your text without understanding it. Make sure everything gets stored in your head.

  • A Little Guidance Does Not Hurt

In case you are very new to these entrance examinations and cannot make it without guidance feel free to seek help. You can join coaching institutes for it as well. There are a number of UGC NET coaching institutes in Delhi. They will see to all your troubles and prepare you accordingly for the monstrous examination ahead of you.

UGC NET is something that has a maximum number of people applying for it. The competition is tough and to ensure that all that you put in bores good result, study effectively. Long hours do not matter, productive small hours do.