Looking to be a Part of Army, Navy or Air Force – Go for a NDA Coaching Program

24 Jun 2018

Looking to be a Part of Army, Navy or Air Force – Go for a NDA Coaching Program

Whether you want to join the army should require internal discussion and finding your WHY? Ask yourself why you want to join the army. Do you want to serve your country? Are you planning to make a military career, or do you join for 4-5 years before going to college? Does YOUR WHY learn a trade / obtain university benefits? Do you want to travel around the world? There are many reasons why people join the army. On the other hand, joining the military as you cannot find anything else to do is usually not the best reason, although many who do not care about civilian jobs find a place in the army.

Military versus civilian employment

Before joining, recognize that a job in military service is not a civilian job. It’s not just like having a regular job. You simply cannot decide if you want to leave military service at any time; you have signed a contract and the army has also signed a contract with you. No matter what rank you are in, no matter which service you join, there will always be a boss.

Very often, you will neither like nor accept your orders, but you solemnly swear that “you will obey the orders” Disobeying these orders can have serious consequences. If you cannot live with this simple fact, save yourself the trouble and the government with valuable time and money, and do not enlist.

The journey is important in the army, the navy, the air force, the corps of the marines, and even in the coast guard and the National Guard. Expect to move frequently and be away from home for six or more months as it unfolds.

Which service should I join?

Then you will have to decide which service interests you. Sometimes you’ll know it in advance. Maybe he had a friend or relative who served or served in a particular branch of the military and wants to follow in his footsteps. You should study hard and think about it. Each of the services is different, and some people may be more appropriate (depending on qualifications, temperament and / or interests) for one service than another. Be sure to select a service that interests you, according to your interests.

Do not join a service just because someone liked it or planned it. It’s your life and your decision.

There are also differences in the benefits of education, allowances, work guarantees and educational programs, and enrollment / re-enrollment bonuses.

Recruiters see many people who want to engage and serve in one of these elite camps. The truth is that most people who apply for “elite” programs are withdrawn because of rigorous training requirements. If you are preparing to become one of those “elites” and no longer train, you cannot give up. You must complete the rest of your enrollment contract in a different job.