Make TOEFL the Tea of Your Cup

30 Oct 2015

Make TOEFL the Tea of Your Cup

The game has begun and Indian students are going abroad more and more in numbers. Not only because of quality education top universities on foreign shores provide but also the pay and opportunities they provide. India is no more an Education powerhouse like it used to be in history. The foreign universities are providing the top education apart from providing ultimate research work. Be it Arts, Science or Medical, they all are research driven. It would be better to say that they are more practical than our colleges which are more theoretical.

It sounds very attractive, but it is not that easy to get admitted to these excellent colleges.

The very first thing they demand is excellent English speaking and writing skills and what makes it more difficult is that most of us don’t use English as our mother tongue. It is not a drawback but when it comes to studying in foreign university then certainly it is. There are many ways to crack the various exams they ask you to take in order to check your general English skills. TOEFL is one of those more popular tests and here are ways to crack it.


Read more and more, this will not only help in building your vocabulary but also in communicating properly and with great ease. While reading needs a lot of patience from you, you must start from zero and do not panic. Start reading comprehension passages and solving the questions related to them after that. This will also boost your confidence level and you can read with ease gradually. The more you practice, the better you are, the more you read, the better you speak.


Start listening to the conversations between two persons. You can find these English conversations in Hollywood Movies or in random conversations that are recorded and played on radios. These will enrich your spoken English skills and at the same time serve great for the purpose of TOEFL preparation. In the beginning, it might sound very complicated and you might as well want to give up, but gradual and regular practice will make you a pro at it. As compared to others, this level is easy to crack. All that is needed is regular and constant practice.


In case this is the first time that you are going to attempt TOEFL, you need to be well aware of the need and importance of a good vocabulary for the exam. One cannot go cramming a set of words everyday for improving vocabulary. Therefore, it is advisable to carry most of your conversations in English wherever possible. This will improve your vocabulary and along with that provide brushing up for your grammar skills too. Speaking in English is the fastest and most effective method of improving at it.


The writing part is very important in TOEFL examinations. You shall make a habit of effectively listing down what comes to your mind after reading a question in a very clear and sorted manner. There is no need to write an essay. All you need to do is put down your answers in appropriate English with correct grammar.

You need not take a lot of burden for it. In case you are not able to manage time properly, you can join the TOEFL training institutes in Delhi for the right guidance.