NID – A Brief Introduction

06 Nov 2015

NID – A Brief Introduction

These days, students in huge numbers are quite crazy with regards to IIT and the career alternatives present before them. This might be because of the lucrative pay package that comes with it and constant growth attached with such careers. However, it is quite essential for candidates to understand that there are available different types of career options for them to choose, so as to have a bright career. NID (National Institute of Design) is considered to be one among them.

What it is all about?

Even though, NID is not actually any typical name among most students, people who are more into graphics, creativity and designing courses do understand what NID is all about and means for them. IT is regarded to be a highly reputed institute located in Ahmadabad , India which conducts different types of training courses in the field of design.

This institution is known to operate like that of a self governing body, however, is said to be under the branch of Promotion and Industrial Policy, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Indian Government. Also, it is well known by Dept. of Industrial and technical research. In the field of training design, this institution is known to have completed over 40 years. It is more likely because of its noteworthy and impressive work that this institution has been recognized to be among the most reputed international designing institutes. Globally, this institution boasts of having over 20 branches, automatically enhancing its importance among students in the country and abroad.

What does it offer?

NID is known to offer professional degree courses to students both at Post Graduate and Undergraduate level with a minimum of 5 faculty streams, 18 different design domains. The GPDP is considered to be of about 4 years duration. This course is presently available to those students who are said to have completed the 10+2 or an equivalent degree such as ISC/IB/AISSCE. One can undergo the post graduate program or PGDPC which is of duration of 2.5 years. At the same time, students are free to choose the different domains present in post graduate level depending upon their specific interests. Few of the fabulous graduate level programs developed for the students are Video and Film Communication Design, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Animation Film Design, Interior and Furniture Design, etc., all of which are in huge demand these days.

Clearing the entrance exam

Candidates interested to join the NID are required to clear the tough entrance exam. It is only after clearing it that they can enroll in the institutes. They can take the help of reputed nid entrance coaching in Delhi that can assist them to simplify the exam process and qualify it in one sitting. The reason for the board to conduct the exam is because, they only select students who are brilliant and capable to learn the new techniques and strategies of designing. Choosing a good coaching center can help the student to overcome the panic of studying a vast syllabus and teach them to cover them within the given schedule.