Preparing for the GMAT Exam

06 Nov 2015

Preparing for the GMAT Exam

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is considered to be a standard computer based test that tends to evaluate the capabilities of the business administration graduates. It is also a primary admission criteria to join reputed business schools. The GMAT scores are said to be recognized not only in India but also in the U.S., as well as the English speaking countries in the world. However, to crack the GMAT, which is obviously complex and tough, with limited time, the candidates are required to join reputed GMAT institutes in Delhi that would help them with the test preparation. Students are recommended by the industry experts to have a proper understanding of the various contents of this exam, before they try to approach it. Being adequately prepared can help the person to have that edge in the exam and to qualify it without much hassle. The very confidence that is instilled in the candidate at the coaching classes is something that will see them clear the GMAT exam. This is something that is not noticed in those students who self study, as they start to break down, with the approach of the exam and feel that their preparation is inadequate.

Having a better understanding of the exam pattern

The GMAT exam has been structured around three important sections, which are Verbal section, Quantitative section and Analytical Writing section. The Analytical writing section is where the GMAT is said to commence from. This section requires the candidates to write two essays, with each of them rated on 0-6 scale. The writing skills of the candidate is tested here, namely analysis of argument and analysis of issue, with a time limit of thirty minutes.

The next is the quantitative section that is scored on 0-60 points of scale and there are multiple choice questions about 37 in numbers, which are divided into two broad categories, namely, problem solving and data sufficiency. 24 questions are present within the problem solving section and on data sufficiency, 13 questions. The total time allotted is 75 minutes.

Verbal section is the last section, where candidates are to face 41 multiple questions with the time allotted being 75 minutes and the scale score points being 0-60. The questions are said to be categorized into reading comprehension – 41 questions, critical reading – 14 questions, sentence correction – 13 questions.

Rigorous practice

Since it is a tough exam, candidates are required to have rigorous and constant practice, towards preparing for the exam. They do require the help of reputed GMAT coaching centers that can provide them with the much needed awareness, with regards to the exam’s mechanics and instill in them greater confidence to appear for the exam.

The course offered by the coaching center does help the candidate to enhance his discipline level by having taught to adhere to the time limit. Also, there is plenty of interaction as well as idea sharing with the other students, which further boosts the knowledge of the candidate. The practice and mock tests assist the students to feel the whole exam to be easy and give it with great confidence to qualify it in one sitting.