Realise Your Dream of Being a Fashion Designer

26 Oct 2015

Realise Your Dream of Being a Fashion Designer

Creativity has no face. Everybody has their own version of creativity. While some are good at painting, singing and cooking, others are good at dancing, designing and writing. Some create music while the others create a new world in their books. Of all these versions of creativity, the people who like designing stand the chance of having the most successful career for themselves. With the growing demand for fashion designers, the designing industry in India has taken a great leap.

The NIFTs were given a statutory reputation in 2006 so that the students who want to pursue designing as a career do not have to go foreign for pursuing their studies. The college gained rapid popularity and the number for desiring applicants has only increased. To tackle this issue, the college has been taking an entrance test and awarding seats to deserving candidates. The entrance, however, is quite difficult to crack and with the competition growing, it has only got tougher with time. To help the aspiring students, here is a list of advice which can be helpful for the preparation:

  • Follow The Field Of Your Interest

In case you are planning to take up fashion designing only because it promises a very beautiful career like that of celebrities, you should step back. NIFT is a place for the students who are extremely passionate about designing and students who would go to any extent just to design the perfect dress. It is not for the money minded lot. There is no point studying so hard if you have no interest in the subjects. You might take up the seat of someone more deserving than you.

  • Enjoy Your Study Schedule

It must be obvious to you by now that NIFT entrance is a mixture of every subject that you have ever known. They want you to know everything about everything, which is almost impossible. However, with smart studying, you can make it happen. Don’t lose hope just after you see the syllabus

Yes, people do that and no, it’s not really that tough. If you enjoy what you are doing it gets very easy and you stand a fair chance of making it to the college of your dreams.

  • Join A Coaching Centre

With many subjects that are absolutely new to you, it is advisable to join a coaching centre that prepares you for NIFT entrance test. This way, you will just have to invest your time in studying rather than planning a study map and all that stuff. The people at coaching will guide you step by step, thus making it a lot more sorted and easier. Delhi is said to be the hub of training centres for competitive exams. The NIFT Training Centre in Rohini is one of the most prominent centres for NIFT preparation.

Fashion is an important aspect of life. We’re human beings, the most refined of all God’s creations. If we do not live in a civilized way with a better lifestyle, we are no better than the apes and chimps that we originate from. India has given some great fashion designers and hopefully will give a lot more in days to come.