The Winds Changing Their Direction: Mass Com Is the New Trend

26 Oct 2015

The Winds Changing Their Direction: Mass Com Is the New Trend

The trend is changing and you can feel that in the air. Gone are the days when there was a huge craze only for two mainstream subjects i.e. Engineering and Medicinal Studies. With changing times Indian students, like their foreign counterparts, have left these conventional studies for newly developed branches of studies or old applied arts. In many ways, these changes have been good both for the nation and the patrons.

Journalism is one of those subjects, which has in recent times over hauled the landscape of Indian Higher Education with lucrative offers which many a thousand of students are opting for, be it Mass Communication or Mass Media. One out of five is interested in this stream and wants to make a career out of it. However, it is very difficult to make it through the entrance of various colleges as well as the main examination held for Mass Com.

Here are some guidelines you can follow to make your attempt worthwhile:

  • To Start With, Read A Lot

Well, mass communication is all about being well versed and fluent in whatever languages you know. There is no hope for a person who makes grammatical errors to make it. Your fluency in speaking as well as writing shall show in your work. Reading opens up to you a whole new world of beliefs and ideas. It will enable you to think like a leader. Delhi being the hub of all aspirants, there are plenty of mass communication coaching centers in Delhi. Try getting enrolled in one for better chances in the entrance exam.

  • Your Creativity Is Your Pixie Dust, Don’t Lose It

The term ‘pixie dust’ because that is what makes things shine. Your creativity is what makes you and your work shine. The Mass Communication Industry is for the people who have ideas and brains to execute that idea. It is all about being the bright star. Just as Rajdeep Sardesai and Rajat Sharma are one of their kinds, you need to be one of your kinds too.

  • Passion Prevails Above All

There is nothing in this world that you can’t get if you’re passionate about it. Mass Com tests your patience and your passion. How bad you want to make it and how hard you are trying to push for it. Even after you graduate, there is going to be a lot of struggle to face, but it is the passion you have which will prevent you from giving up on your career anytime soon. Once you make it to the top, you will see how tough a path you traversed just because of your passion.

  • No ‘If’ And No ‘But’

If’s and but’s are the biggest glitches that you can make in an industry that runs on accuracy and speed. You should start giving up on these terms right away. Mass Communication is all about facts and figures, a little misinterpretation and your company suffers a big loss. There fore it is better to get rid of such habits.

Looking at these things from examination point of view, you sure can pull the trigger if you have made Mass Communication your only goal. Your career ahead will be as bright as pixie dust itself.