Things to Know About Law School Admission Test

30 Oct 2015

Things to Know About Law School Admission Test

Law School Admission Test is a standardized test for prospective law school candidates conducted by Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The test can be taken four times a year around the world at respective testing centers. The exam determines the candidates reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and logical proficiency.

United States, Canada, and Melbourne University consider LSAT as its integral part in admission process. And it is spreading across various other countries. Only three attempts are allowed to any candidates in two year periods.

Since, 1948 LSAT gave law schools the standardized methods to acquire applicants from GPA. From past 23 years, the exam pattern has six sections:

  • 4 scored multiple choice sections
  • Un-scored experimental section
  • Un-scored writing section

Here, the raw score is transformed into scaled score between 120 and 180. It costs around $165 to take LSAT in Canada and $170 in United States. Almost 5 years scores will be reverted when a candidate applies to any law schools. The major objective of LSAT is to determine the success of the candidates in law school. LSAT exam shows the 14% to 15% of variance in first and second year grades respectively.

Even in India, there are the best LSAT coaching centers in Delhi offering 54 hours of training session that helps candidates to gain expertise. LSAT coaching and exam is completely different from normal school or college examination. Students undergo the test based on their logic and reasoning skills than compared to academic knowledge. Aspirants apply must think strategically than memorizing the facts and formula to solve give problems.

LSAT successfully decides the analytical and critical thinking ability of the students, which is the most significant in first year of law school. LSAC administrates in the month of September, October, December and February. June is the inception of the examination cycle because most of the applicants apply in that month. Among the months of administration, September and October are the most popular whereas February is the least.

Exam Pattern

The LSAT exam pattern includes 35 multiple choice questions and un-scored writing section. To maintain the integrity during the examination, there is a different test form designed by the administrator. Each form provides the multiple choices in various orders. Therefore, it avoids the cheat or guess in experimental part.

Two logical reasoning are conducted by LSAT, which is called as arguments. It is specially designed to determine the ability of the students to analyze arguments. Logical reasoning comprises of 24-26 questions in which all are short arguments. This section is later followed by the argument assumption, where candidates are asked to find out the argument errors.

Considering the reading comprehension, LSAT includes four passages of around 400-500 words with 5-6 question pulled out from the passage. The whole reading comprehension holds 26-28 questions. In the year 2007, comparative reading replaced these four passages. This comparative part consists of two short paragraphs with different viewpoint.

Analytical reasoning is all about logic games. The section holds 4 “games” that come under grouping, elements order and matching, along with various other categories. Writing sample is the final section of the exam, which is given in terms of decision making that, puts students in two different criteria in judging the solution.