This Is Why You Failed To Perform In IELTS Exam

09 Mar 2016

This Is Why You Failed To Perform In IELTS Exam

Are you planning to boost your career by studying abroad? If so, get prepared to face the IELTS exam. Here under, we listed out a few reasons, which can result in degrading your exam performance. Make sure to overcome them in your preparation.

Failing to choose the right institute:

The expertise of the faculty plays a dominant role in your final performance. Start your preparation by joining the best institute, which has a considerable experience in this field. When you go out in search of IELTS training institute in Delhi, consider the aspects like its student base, location and quality of teaching. As the number of training institutes is increasing at a rapid pace, it is important to select the best one for you.

Not following a study plan:

Many students believe that this exam is a luck game. The harder you work; the better will be your performance. A strategic and disciplined work plan can help you to reach a high band score. Doesn’t matter how busy you are; make sure to spend at least one hour a day for IELTS preparation. Seek advice of your trainers in designing your study plan.

Inefficient time management:

Majority of the IELTS candidates fail to reach their desired score as they can’t finish four modules of the exam. Unless you answer all the questions, you can’t expect to get a good score. Remember, time is your biggest enemy in this exam. You have to think quickly and develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


In the speaking section, you may lose your nerve if you encounter a difficult question. You run out of ideas and the panic builds up. This bad question can ruin your entire performance. The only solution for this question is to practice. Having significant practice before the exam can help you to bag a few tricks to answer such questions.

Not learning from your mistakes:

As long as you learn from your mistakes, it’s acceptable to make some errors. Your practice is of no purpose when you fail to learn from your mistakes. Have an eagle eye on your spelling and grammatical errors. A few other common areas you need to focus are subject-verb agreement, prepositions and tense consistency.

Your strategies will yield good results only when you stay positive and believe in yourself. You can go nowhere, if you keep worrying about the exam.