Tips to Crack Bank PO Exam

09 Mar 2016

Tips to Crack Bank PO Exam

Over the years, bank PO has turned out to be the destination for majority of the graduates. The competition has gone to a next level in the recent past years. We present you a few tips, which can help you to come out with flying colors in this exam.

How to prepare…?

A good trainer can help you to pick up the tricks of the exam with ease. It is crucial to choose a reputed bank PO coaching institute in Delhi for better results. In the long run, your institute plays a dominant role in framing your study strategies. When you have few days left for the exam, all that you have to do is to start solving previous years’ questionnaires.

How to optimize section wise performance…?

Remember that you have to clear all the sections of the exam. Here are the tips which can help you.

Reasoning section: This section is your golden goose! Time management can help you to gain 100% marks in this section. 20 to 25 minutes would be a decent time to solve this section. Aim your preparation to get accurate answers in this section. Remember that you have negative marking. The major types of questions asked in this section are alphabet test, time sequence, directions, series completion and odd pairs.

Verbal section: If you are good in this section, spending 10 to 15 minutes would be sufficient to complete it. It is highly recommended to start your exam by answering the verbal section. Answering at least 18 questions with high degree of accuracy can help you clear this section with ease. Reading comprehension, cloze test, fill in the blanks and spotting errors are some types of questions asked here.

Quantitative aptitude section: Are you struggling in this section…? You don’t have to worry as you are not the only one out there. You can expect some 15 to 18 question, which can be answered with ease. A few topics of this category are profit and loss, simple interest, ages, percentages and averages. The other questions can be time consuming if you aren’t well prepared for them.

Data interpretation: This is one section, where you can take the advantage of approximating the answers. Avoid using pen and paper while calculating in this section. If you encounter a lengthy calculation, ignore the question as it consumes lot of time.

On the exam day, calm down your nerves and fill your brain with positive thoughts. Never guess the answers and stop experimenting in your final exam.