Tips to crack the NID entrance

15 Mar 2016

Tips to crack the NID entrance

Getting into one of the topmost institutes in the country is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires a lot of skill and hard work too. There are thousands of students aspiring to join the NID. It is a mad race out there, and you need to do put in that extra bit of effort to outdo them. Here are a few tips which may help.

Drawing skills are not everything – This is a big misconception when it comes to designing. But designing is not only about drawing. No doubt good sketching skills are necessary to some extent, the questions in the exam paper will judge you based on your creativity, observational and visualization skills, imagine and general knowledge. It is not solely based on drawings or sketches.

Be very creative – This trait is a mysterious one. People have tried to give their own definition of creativity. But there remains no unanimous definition of the same. Basically, it is the ability to bring out new and unconventional ideas from the mind. Something extraordinary is what creative person offers, and his ideas are reborn every day.

Present your thoughts well – Your creativity and drawing skills are also useless if you are unable to pen down your thoughts on the exam paper in the given amount of time. Be efficient, write in correct English, be quick, and do not leave the paper incomplete. It is always better to time yourself for each question.

Solve question papers from previous years – This is the most important thing you need to do before preparing for any exam, i.e. solve papers from the previous year. You get an idea of what kind of questions to expect, the pattern of the questions and much more. Also, when you solve the paper, you learn more than what is in the book.

Sketch practice – Avoid practicing in the A3 size papers. Instead practice on the A4 size paper, which is the standard size paper issued at the examination.

Attend coaching – Without coaching, it becomes difficult to nail a national level exam. We recommend the NID training institute in Delhi for this.

And then, rest assured, you will be studying with some of the most creative minds in the country.