What is the Purpose of Journalism and Mass Communication Courses? Why do we need them

30 Nov 2015

What is the Purpose of Journalism and Mass Communication Courses? Why do we need them

If one wishes to pursue a career as a journalist then formal education in journalism is required. It is often combined with mass communication; the course teaches and sharpens many skills necessary in the field of journalism. There are certain set of principles and ground rules any budding journalist cannot do without. And because educational institutions have realized that there is a huge valley between knowing and doing practically, good journalism schools do more than just teaching as they have incorporated practical ways of teaching in their curriculum. They ingrain the following principles in the minds of the aspirants in order to prepare them well for a difficult and challenging career ahead:

  1. Mention the sources and citations

Mentioning the sources the facts, figures, and statements have been taken from provides authenticity and credibility to the story and the reporter both.

Accuracy – Accuracy is one of the basic points that differentiate a great article from a good one. A news report with inaccurate details can tarnish the reputation of the reporter and even the news channel/newspaper itself.

Objectivity – As a reporter, ones work is to report the things as they are without manipulation or without corrupting it with one’s personal opinions. Because it is difficult for any individual to report events and stories without being influenced by their personal views as it is human nature to do so, the best journalism graduate school inculcates the habit of being objective by repeated trainings.

A balanced story needs to be presented as if the otherside is not willing to provide information or if is not available then one has to report the same thing

Staying clear from conflict of interests – Journalism is as professional as it gets and should be treated with same opinion. Doing something like writing about something that appeals to you or using sources your news company has tie-ups with without specifying it is not advised. If discovered later, the audience will question your integrity.

Never plagiarise – Stealing someone else’s content and publishing it under your name is the last thing you would want to do as a journalist so better to be original. It is extremely easy to recognize plagiarized content nowadays and you can really endanger or rather will end your career in journalism by doing so.

These are just few of the principles we have mentioned which you would eventually learn in your journalism institute.