Why is BBA the most effective Business course at present?

05 Apr 2016

Why is BBA the most effective Business course at present?

For the students planning to pursue MBA after graduation, they have two options to consider – either to go for B.Com, which is a Bachelors Degree in Commerce or they can opt for Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, either way it is a win-win situation for them since both these courses are quite effective and brace a person up for the demanding field of Masters in Business Administration. However, BBA shall be given more preference due to the following reasons:

A person who is a graduate in Business Administration (BBA) is qualified for many executive posts that various companies provide them, ranging from the common ones like advertising, banking, finance and IT to the more glamorous ones like FMCG etc. These roles in companies are reserved for BBA graduates and usually company considers hiring freshers.

  1. Even while you are studying, rather pursuing BBA, you will get several opportunities to explore the fields like Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, etc. so that when it comes to having experience, you are having some knowledge of working and functioning. It helps the students with their internships upto a great deal. Therefore, if you are looking for a course that provides you with the starters pack for business related jobs, BBA is it.
  2. Post completing your BBA, you are also eligible for MBA, which is something almost all the individuals eventually go for after their Bachelor’s degree from some field in commerce. Not only is BBA ideally the best graduation course if you want to Masters in Business Administration after that, it also is helpful in creating a strong base for you to study MBA since it is one of the toughest courses you will come across.

The opportunities are not limited only to this. Many individuals who pursue BBA often go on to become entrepreneurs or start a business of their own. Usually, how valuable your BBA degree is depends upon which university or college you took it from. It is all about the curriculum and teaching quality that decides the importance of your BBA degree. Students join coaching centers as well to cope up with the laborious syllabus of BBA. The best BBA coaching in Delhi is provided by the coaching centers.