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English Language – Foundation

Knowing English was a privilege in olden day as but with the changing times,it has now become a necessity.The more,the world develops,the more necessary is to learn English,both at professional & social levels.We at Teachwell,thus make it a commitment that all our students are given adequate training and instilled with so much confidence,that communication is never a problem for them in future.At Teachwell we help you attain the excellence.

English Foundation (3 hour classes)

The English Foundation course lays emphasis on the fundamentals of language skills one need to build a solid English foundation. These classes focus on developing communicative and interaction ability in English, including skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with integrated grammar and vocabulary enhancement.

This will help you improve your :

    • Basic fundamentals of English language
    • Grammar and vocabulary in context
    • Confidence while communicating in English in a variety of day to day situations in small group activities and lively classroom discussions
    • Speaking fluently and accurately correct English
    • Writing skills for well-structured sentences
    • Listening, reading and speaking and how to actively

participate in discussions and presentations

  • Discussions on wide variety of themes

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