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Maths (Hons)

This program is for students, who have a good background in the fundamentals of mathematics. It is a broad understanding and practice of using these fundamentals in mechanics, numerical analysis, statistics and probability. It is three-year specialization program purely in mathematics. The career options available for students are financial sector, insurance, statistics, Indian Civil Services, business, and industry, etc.


There are six semesters through the span of three years. The subjects covered are algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, mechanics, analysis, linear programming and optimization, vector analysis, and probability theory distributed in various parts through these semesters.


The basic requirement to qualify for this course is 12th or HSC in Science stream from a recognized board. The candidate should have at least scored 50 percent in mathematics and overall. Some autonomous universities conduct entrance exams, as well. In this case, the candidate is selected on merit basis only.

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