Scholastic Aptitude Test

SAT is a standardized exam for getting admissions in universities or colleges in the US. The exam evaluates your knowledge of reading, writing and math subject, which is taught every day in high school. This test is usually taken during the junior or senior years of high school. SAT helps a candidate to get into the right university, develop his skills and pursue his passion.

Why SAT?

  • I entirely depend on you whether you want to give SAT or not. Apart from California universities in US states do not require SAT subject test also called as SAT II, however SAT I is accepted as an admission criteria by most of the universities. One can easily find out by visiting the website of the university as to what are their admission criteria.
  • In order to get admission to a very specific course students take SAT II to showcase their specific skill in a certain stream. Most of the colleges even leave on the student /applicant to decide which score he/she wants to submit.

SAT scores

The highest probable score from the Writing section is 800. Scores on the essay and multiple-choice Question section are combined to get a single score. A Writing sub-score is also there. The highest possible scores on the Critical Reading and Math sections are 800 each, making 2,400 a perfect score to achieve.

SAT preparation

SAT preparation is a proven & recognized way to increase your scores. Though you need to have a strong foundation in writing, reading, and math to score well, SAT test preparation will guide you strategies to extract the most from the knowledge you presently have. SAT help will allow you to determine your weaknesses and focus on ways to improve them.

SAT Exam Details

  • SAT – SAT I & SAT II
  • SAT I – SAT Reasoning test
  • SAT II – SAT Subject test

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