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Why Study Abroad In The UK


Let’s know why Indian students prefer to study in the United Kingdom.


UK universities have the best academic standards in the world, the benefit of studying in the UK is that you will obtain practical and valuable based knowledge. UK universities prefer pragmatic education over text-books education. It’s proven that the UK has higher education degrees and qualifications worldwide. Students have the opportunity to create connections and possess accomplishments in their careers.


Living and studying in the UK provides a high standard of urban lifestyle for international students. They can enjoy the diversity, civic infrastructure, and social exchange with ancient and modernized cities. The United Kingdom is also known for delicious food with the liveliest population.


UK universities are the top-ranked universities in the world. A degree or a course program from an affiliated institution in the UK is highly preferable by employers all over the world. The UK study provides a highly stable career for international students and helps in securing students’ future.


Top Reasons To Study In UK Universities


International Reputation Worldwide

A degree or course program from a UK university can add an advantage to your academic qualification. As per the latest university ranking report, 4 out of the top 10 universities in the world are present in the UK. The education system in the UK is one of the best in the world and internationally recognized or accepted. The benchmarking of education standards is set by old universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.


World Best Research

In the current time, the UK archives third rank in the world for innovation in research. The research assessment exercise (RAE) noted that the research work conducted in the UK is excellent and accepted internationally. Only a few countries achieve this level of expertise in research fields.


Highly Advanced Method

Universities in the UK provide complete support to learn with world-leading academics. The UK is leading in education and has 190 universities with a 5-star teaching rating, which is the best part of the country.


Varieties In Courses

One of the best things that attract international students is the large range of courses offered by several universities. A student can start their course in any field from photography to astrophysics. They can attend various courses in the UK based on their interest and find the best institution to study.


Lower Education Cost

Another important aspect of taking education in the UK is the lower cost for international students compared to the US. An additional fact of the UK is that the degrees will take less time to complete as compared to other developed countries. This thing saves a lot of money and time for international students.


Scholarships And Work Opportunities

UK universities offer scholarship opportunities for international students. There are a variety of scholarships, grants available for foreign students. The UK government also provides financial aid to the students. Apart from this, a student can start part-time work while studying which does not affect their studies.


Culture And Lifestyle Experience Of UK

The UK country is a mix of all different cultures. They love music, cultural events, historic sites visiting, and vibrant city life. International students will find various cuisines, systematic transport systems, international sports championships, etc. The UK is a mix of cosmopolitan cities and traditional villages. It is spread over a large area in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, all comprising the UK.


2 Years Post Study Work

The UK allows post-study work for 2 years after completion of the degree course. The work right starts in September intake. This policy by the UK government provides international students with the opportunity to learn and explore a global career.




Advantages Of Studying In The UK


  • Exclusive academic-reputation – Worldwide, the UK has a reputation for good academics and learnings. It has almost 800 years old centuries universities in Britain like Oxford and Cambridge.


  • Shorter degrees- The UK universities usually carry 3 years of an undergraduate degree with full-time study, whereas a master’s degree takes 1 year. Shorter degrees mean quick graduation and less money spent.


  • Educates internationally – the UK welcomes international students to study in its universities, students come around the globe to attain a successful future for themselves.


  • Wider-choice of degrees.- UK universities are popular for a broad choice of courses and degrees. No matter what interest you came in with, you will definitely find something that suits you.


  • Language & cultural diversity- Students will get the chance to make connections and interact with 200,000+ international students around the globe. They will make travel connections with different cultures and languages.






Top 10 Universities Of UK in 2021


  • University of UK
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London.
  • The university of manchester
  • King’s College London.
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The University of Warwick.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • University College London.
  • University of Bristol





  • Accounting and Finance
  • Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Art & Design
  • Business and Management Studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Writing
  • Dentistry
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • English
  • Food Science
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Recreation & Tourism
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Psychology


INTAKE – Upcoming intake for UK study?


  • Major intake – September / October
  • Other Intake – Jan/ Feb, some universities provide rolling intakes as well.




Entrances Exams Required

If you want to study in a UK college or university then you should have knowledge about the various standard exams that help in getting admission in UK universities.



The GMAT test helps apply for Management programs at UK universities. The universities require a good score on GMAT. The higher the score the better the colleges. The top MBA colleges in the United kingdom require a score of over 600. However, the average score is 550. This GMAT test provides top MBA universities for international students.



International English Language Testing System is to check English language proficiency. The score required for IELTS ranges from 5.0 to 7.5. This IELTS test consists of 4 modules such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The score of the exam depends on the ranking of the institution or university. The writing module will be completed in one day and the other speaking module will be conducted at the test center.



Test of English as a foreign language is mostly preferred by UK universities more than IELTS. This test measures the effectiveness of communicating in English. It tests 4 skills such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This test helps students to get admission to UK universities. Most UK universities require > 250 scores for TOEFL. Several other colleges in the UK require a minimum score of 580 in the TOEFL exam.




PTE exam is conducted for international students who are non-natives. It is an English language test and accepted by educational institutions in the UK. It is for those students who want to study in foreign countries. With this PTE exam, students prove their proficiency in the English language. The Pearson Test of English required score is 43-59.





Graduate record examination is taken by applicants who are applying for graduate degree programs in UK universities. It is a standard test for taking admission in UK colleges to pursue a graduation course. The test is conducted online and is computer-based. The GRE exam has four sections in the question paper such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. The syllabus of the exam is common for all students and is not related to any specific field of study. The GRE exam is also helpful in applying for master’s programs.





Assistance For Postgraduate Study In The UK.


  • Approach to amazing resources, facilities, communication skills, and experts.
  • Sparing money by the completion of a 1-year masters degree
  • Time extended for postgraduate students in the UK.
  • Scholarship assistance provided by UK universities will help you thrive better in your future career.
  • Career counseling is provided by the training experts and well-experienced professors.



Most popular degrees in the UK.


  • Business- It is the most popular degree. The British Business universities prioritize teaching business administration to future generations.


  • Natural Sciences- British academics are amongst the world’s eminent scientists sharing a significant portion of sciences and biology workload every year.


  • UK Engineering and Technology – Most universities provide quality education to equip their students with technical skills and education.


  • Law- UK universities offer law courses, UK law degrees have become very popular and highly competitive for students.