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Class X

Students interest and marks in subjects of standard 10 will help them decide which field they want to specialize in during their college years and later in their professional lives. This is the most important year examination-wise as student will be appearing for their Board Exams. Coaching for this year will focus on revising what has been taught earlier and preparing the students thoroughly for their upcoming exams

Our Teaching Methodology

For more than 15 years, Teachwell has been a pioneer in the coaching segment for students in many parts of North India because we have finessed a detailed and all-inclusive coaching plan. We have our own study materials that are provided to students so they have more practice for their subjects. Students are introduced to modern methods of teaching, including submitting assignments, reading sessions, and face-to-face discussions with their mentors where they can clarify their doubts and video lectures.

**Special video sessions are arranged for all subjects, especially for science.

About Subjects and Syllabus

We cover all the subjects taught in schools for this year. The subjects are:

  • Science – All three branches: Physics, Biology and Chemistry
  • Social Science – History, Geography, Political Science and Economics
  • Hindi – Literature and Vayakaran
  • Maths – All branches of math including algebra, trigonometry, quants and geometry.
  • English – Communicative and Literature English

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