Teachwell: 25+ Years of Excellence in  Education


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Teachwell: 25+ Years of Excellence in  Education

Welcome to Teachwell

TEACHWELL is a renowned organisation with over 25 years of experience in providing comprehensive educational services and career consultancy. We specialize in school coaching, entrance exam preparation, career counseling, study abroad guidance, profile building, skill building, immigration services, work permits, and permanent residency applications. With a strong commitment to academic excellence and a proven track record of mentoring over 70,000 students, Teachwell is your trusted partner in achieving educational success and realizing your full potential.

Program Offered


Srishti Manipal is characterized by a formative matrix that brings together highly skilled art and design professionals, educators, scholars, researchers, and an active student body. This matrix is intricately connected with local, regional, and global communities. The institution actively engages in dynamic exchanges with various networks, ensuring that the pedagogies embedded in its programs are consistently refreshed through these connections. Srishti Manipal places significant emphasis on supporting and fostering the development of networks across a spectrum of disciplines. These networks are instrumental in building relationships and amplifying the impact of academic programs

Applicants should have successfully completed any ONE of the following minimum educational qualifications:

  • NSQF Certification Level 4
  • State Board, Junior College, Intermediate, HSSC, PUC, Senior Secondary
  • National and International Boards – CBSE / ISC / IB / AICE / A Levels
  • National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi (NIOS) – Senior Secondary
  • High School Diploma (USA / CANADA) – Senior Secondary completed with equivalence as per AIU

The SMEAT will consist of the following components:

  1. Test 1 (T1)
  • This is a General Test of Ability.
  1. Test 2 (T2)
  • This is a Theme or Context-based Test.
  • All applicants are required to take Test 2, which will be centered around a designated theme or context.
  • The specific theme or context for Test 2 will be communicated to the applicants prior to the test date.
  • UCEED / SAT Exemption:

    • Applicants who have participated in the UCEED 2023 examination may opt for exemption from Test 1 if their All-India Rank is 600 or below, given they can submit this result during the application process.
    • Applicants who have taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and have attained a composite score of 1100 or above are eligible to be exempt from Test 1, provided they can submit this information during the application process.

    Each Test Duration is 90 minutes
    Each Test carries 50 marks. 


    Number of Questions


    Contextual Awareness



    Observation and Curiosity



    Analytical Reasoning



    Imagination and Visualisation



    Language and Expression



    Critical Thinking



    Applicants will undergo a screening process for the portfolio and counseling stage, with their performance in the written exam serving as the basis for shortlisting. The interview round is conducted in a conversational manner, where the interviewer seeks to assess the candidate’s alignment with “the culture and pedagogy of Srishti,” as stated on the official website.

Contextual Awareness: Its inquiries related to this theme, candidates are assessed on their proficiency in reflecting upon environmental, social, political, economic, and cultural factors and understanding their implications for art and design.

Critical Thinking: Under this category, candidates are evaluated based on their capability to analyze, formulate, and articulate a position or point of view within a given context.

Imagination and Visualization: In questions pertaining to this area, a candidate’s skill in imagining, visualizing, and representing an idea using any provided medium is examined.

Language and Expression: In addressing this aspect, a candidate’s competence in comprehending, articulating, and expressing ideas in English is under scrutiny.

Viewpoint and Perspective: Candidates are assessed on the merit of their viewpoints and perspectives concerning a given question or scenario.

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