USA is one of the dream destinations of the students. It offers various options for students and researchers. It is considered highly reputable if you are studying in any university in USA. We will guide students who have desire to pursue their education in USA. When you study abroad, you are likely to discover all sorts of strengths and weaknesses that you didn’t know you had. Studying abroad shows your growth potential and the world needs to learn a lot.

    • Capital – Singapore City
    • Language – Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English
    • Currency – Singapore Dollar (SGD)
    • Climate – Singapore is hot & humid throughout the year. May to August is the hottest period.
    • Time Difference – 2.5 hours ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST)
    • Literacy Rate – around 96%


    • Globally Recognized degree.
    • Experienced and world class faculty
    • High employability rate
    • Global opportunities

    Top courses to study in USA

    • MBBS, MD
    • BBA, MBA
    • STEM courses
    • Social Sciences
    • Physical & Life Sciences

    Generic Eligibility Criteria

    • Student must be 17 years and above
    • A good score in TOEFL and GMAT
    • SOP and LOR
    • Students must get good grades academically and should have strong profile to apply for good colleges or universities.
    Usually any medicine course fee will be 61-80Lac for the entire course, Management course can cost 30-40Lac whereas engineering degree cost around 35-50Lac.