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International students can study in Australia with a multiple of scholarships and bursaries provided by the Australian government and universities. There are research programme scholarships available as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees. There is no need to submit a separate application because the majority of Australian universities automatically provide scholarships to deserving students based only on their academic records.

List of popular scholarship programs

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Australia Awards Scholarships: To enable deserving students from developing nations, such as India, to study undergraduate or graduate degrees at Australian universities, the Australian government offers these scholarships. The scholarships pay for living expenses, travel costs, and tuition.

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Fellowships and Scholarships Endeavour: The Australian government funds the Fellowships and Scholarships programme, which gives Indian students the chance to pursue professional development, research, or study in Australia. The scholarships provide for a monthly stipend, travel expenses, and tuition.

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Scholarships from Australia-India Education Council (AIEC): Indian students can apply for AIEC scholarships to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in Australia. Based on academic merit, these scholarships pay for living expenses as well as tuition.

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Scholarships from the Australia-India Institute (AII): The AII provides funding to Indian students to conduct research or study in Australia in fields pertaining to the relationship between Australia and India. These scholarships pay living expenses, travel costs, and tuition.

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University-specific Scholarships: A large number of Australian universities provide scholarships designed especially for students from other countries, including India. These scholarships could be given out on the basis of need, merit, or other predetermined standards established by the university.

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Scholarships for the Research Training Programme (RTP): Australian institutions offer RTP scholarships to help fund research degrees (Master’s by research or PhD) for both domestic and foreign students, including Indian students. In addition to helping with living expenses, these scholarships pay for tuition.

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Transnational scholarships granted by member universities under the Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP): AGRTP scholarships are designed to entice exceptional international students—including Indian students—to do research studies in Australia. The living expenses allowance is provided together with tuition reimbursement through these scholarships.

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Destination Australia: Students from all over the world, including those from India, are eligible to apply for scholarships through the Destination Australia programme to study at regional campuses within Australia. Along with helping with living expenses, these scholarships pay for tuition.

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