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In Canada, scholarships offer vital financial assistance to students pursuing higher education at different educational levels. Universities, private organizations, provincial governments, and the federal government of Canada all provide these scholarships. They are open to both domestic and foreign students and cover a wide range of subjects, from scientific research to the humanities.

List of popular scholarship programs

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Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence (CIRCE):  Scholarships from CIRCE are available to Indian students studying for a master’s or doctorate in Canada in subjects like water management, sustainable energy, and climate change.

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Canada-India Institutional Cooperation Project (CIICP): Indian students seeking undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral education in Canada can apply for scholarships under this initiative. It seeks to improve cooperation between institutions in Canada and India.

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Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Scholarships and Fellowships: This organization provides Indian academics, researchers, and students with scholarships and fellowships to study or do research in Canada in a variety of sectors, such as the social sciences, humanities, and STEM.

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Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS): Indian and other international PhD candidates who have finished their first year of study at an Ontario university that participates are eligible to apply for the renowned OTS award. It offers a $40,000 yearly stipend in addition to covering tuition costs.

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University-specific Scholarships: Indian students are among the many overseas students who can apply for scholarships offered by many Canadian universities. These scholarships could be given out on the basis of need, merit, or other predetermined standards established by the university.

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Government of Canada Scholarships: With initiatives like the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED), Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Programme, and Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarship Programme, the Canadian government also provides a range of grants and scholarships to international students, including Indian students.

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Commonwealth Scholarships: Although not specifically intended for Indian students, Commonwealth Scholarships are available to students from member nations for study towards master’s and doctoral degrees in Canada. These scholarships are available to Indian students who wish to study in Canada through a variety of collaborations and exchange programmes.

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