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Europe stands out as a prime destination for international students seeking higher education, boasting prestigious universities and colleges. Scholarships present an excellent opportunity for aspiring scholars. These scholarships span diverse academic fields, encompassing STEM, arts, humanities, and social sciences. While some scholarships are merit-based, others cater to financial need. 

List of popular scholarship programs

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Scholarships from Erasmus Mundus: Students from India can apply for a number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships to study combined Master’s or PhD programmes in Europe. These scholarships pay for living expenses, travel costs, and tuition.

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Scholarships from the European Union (EU): The EU provides Indian students studying in Europe with a range of financial aid options. The funding for these scholarships could come from EU initiatives like Horizon Europe, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, or Erasmus+.

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Scholarships from DAAD: Indian students can study in Germany with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees are covered by these scholarships, which also pay for living expenses and travel expenses.

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Chevening Scholarships: Meritorious Indian students can apply for one-year Master’s degree programmes in the UK under the Chevening Scholarship, which is financed by the UK government. Geographically speaking, the UK is in Europe, hence many Indian students who apply for Chevening Scholarships utilise the money to study there.

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Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships: Indian students wishing to pursue postgraduate study or research in Switzerland can apply for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. Living expenses, health insurance, and tuition are all covered by these scholarships.

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Netherlands Fellowship Programs (NFP): Professionals from underdeveloped nations, like as India, are eligible to apply for NFP scholarships to study for short courses, master’s degrees, or doctorates in the Netherlands. These scholarships pay for living expenses, travel costs, and tuition.

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University-specific Scholarships: Indian students are among the many overseas students that can apply for scholarships offered by several European colleges. These scholarships could be given out on the basis of need, merit, or other predetermined standards established by the university.

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